Baby Chick Handprint Craft



I have been working on a series this year for handprint crafts for each holiday with my baby.  Unfortunately I started late in the game.  I did not think of doing these crafts on a consistent basis until February when we did handprint hearts and in March we did shamrock handprints. So now Easter in a few days we did baby chick handprints.  I plan on coming up with one for his 2nd birthday late next month and other handprint crafts the rest of the year that coincide with holiday’s or seasons.



The baby chick handprint craft is super easy to do with little ones. Here’s how:



Yellow washable paint

Orange washable paint

Small &  medium size paint brushes

Black Sharpie

Water color paper


With clean hands paint your child’s hand yellow, make sure you paint the whole hand (finger tips and all).  Next  firmly press their hand on the paper.  When the handprint is dry turn the paper upside down so that the fingers are at the bottom of the paper. Then with the smaller paint brush paint a small beak and legs with the orange paint. Finally add two small eyes using the black Sharpie marker.  Allow the handprint to fully dry and then hang up as an Easter decoration. Save it for next year and see how big your little one’s hand grew over the year. 



What Easter crafts are you doing with your little one’s?


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Stay tuned for more handprint crafts! 


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