Turkey Handprint Craft Keepsake

Since the baby is getting older I wanted to do a Thanksgiving craft with him this year. I decided to do a simple craft with him as well as my other five children. Something not so messy that we could display every Thanksgiving in our home for years to come.


Initially I wanted to do all six handprint turkey’s lined up in a row from oldest to youngest on one piece of paper and frame it but that was too long in length. So I decided to break it up and do three handprints on one piece of paper, three on another and used two 6 X 12 panoramic picture frames to put them in. Both frames sitting next to each other so they would be in a row but just broken up into two frames. 

You do not need to have lots of children to do this craft, it can work with any number children you have. Here is how to make it:


Paint (I used acrylic paint) colors: brown, red, orange, yellow and green.
A different paint brush for each color.
Paper (I used regular copy paper which I cut to size to fit the picture frame)
Sharpie markers colors: orange, black and red
Picture frame


First I painted the kids fingers the different colors and then the thumb and palm brown.  Be fast because the paint tends to dry that is why I used different color paint brushes for each color so I did not have to clean a brush in between colors. 

Next I pressed their little hands down firmly on the paper.  It was like an assembly line, one child after another until we were done and had all the turkey handprints on the paper.  Then when it was all dry I drew a beak with a orange Sharpie, one eye with a black Sharpie and a wattle (the red dangly thing under the beak) with a red Sharpie. So that I would remember whose handprint’s were who’s I wrote their names next to their handprint. Using a orange Sharpie I wrote Our Little on one paper and Six Turkey’s on the other paper. 

Finally I popped them in their picture frames and now they are displayed side by side in a row! 


When Christmas comes I will do a different theme handprint craft and use the same picture frames.  My goal is to try to do a different handprint craft for different seasons or holidays and replace the ones I did prior and when that holiday rolls back around then I will put the one that corresponds with it back in the frame. 


My kids love seeing their crafts displayed in our home.  It’s fun, homemade and sentimental. What handprint crafts have you done with your kids? 


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  1. I love how you wrote “our six little turkeys”!! This craft is precious and something to keep and bring out every year!

  2. This is a lovely idea to keep forever. I always loved things like this as a first-time mom, then I had 2 more kids and seemed to have lost a lot of these keepsakes over the years. Maybe I can do it now, even though they are 15, 11 and 9.. Why not?!

  3. Aww this is such a creative craft that looks like so much fun to make! Love that it’s also a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

  4. That is such a cute craft. I love that you included everyone, it’s a fun and colorful way to have a family momento.

  5. What a cute craft! This gives us something to do tomorrow!

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