Frugal Crafts For Kids Round Up


I am all about saving money. I like trying to take what I already have and turn it into a different use. For instance having my kids use toilet paper tubes  as  stamps to make a beautiful piece of artwork and so on. I have complied some of our techniques/uses for you so that we can inspire you to go outside the box!


frugal kids art collage

  Colored Glue Paint 

Shaving Cream Art

 Bubble Wrap Art

Toilet Paper Tube Stamp Art

Salad Spinner Art

Paint Blow Art

Finger Print Art


 What will your kids be making, what unique techniques have your kids used in making their masterworks? Leave your link in my comments, I would love to take a look!

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  1. Great list! Frugal is the winning word here! I need to try some of these with my gang – they would love this!

  2. This is a great list, this proves you don’t have to spend a lot to have a lot of fun. I love the idea of the colored glue.

  3. Cool list! I want to try the bubble wrap art since I have so much of it here at my home. I am sure my kids would enjoy trying them all. Your very creative!!

  4. I love the idea of colored glue paint! My kids always want to paint…always! This is a cool new version! Thanks for posting.

  5. What a great list! You can have a lot of fun with these ideas!

  6. Ooh, I like the idea of the Glue Paint and the Salad Spinner Art!

  7. I love the colored glue paint idea! We’re going to try it.

  8. Awesome ideas! I would love to try these with my son on days we’re home together. Thank you for this post!

  9. I grew up like this. We reporposed everything to make toys and crafts. I am now teaching it to my children and it fun to see the things they come up with.

  10. love this list of craft ideas! need to do some with my daughter

  11. WE love crafts but go for frugal ones too. I love these suggestions. We do a lot recycled crafts.

  12. These are such fun ideas and we’ve done a few of them, but not all. I’ll have to fix that!

  13. My kids are teenagers so they don’t generally craft although my daughter likes to paint. I love crafting all the time.

  14. i never thought to just color glue as is!! i have a ton of them we got on clearance after school started!

  15. I think the toilet paper rolls stamp art really sticks out as something we haven’t ever tried before and would!

  16. I did finger painting when I was little! I LOVED art so much as a child.

  17. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    What great ideas! I don’t have little ones anymore, but they would have loved doing these art projects. And it’s great that you can see recycled materials.

  18. This is a great list and I love the bubble wrap art. Finally a way to tell the kids to play with that silly plastic they love so much!! 🙂

  19. I’mm all about saving money as well! What fun activities with the kiddos that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

  20. This is brilliant! I love finding craft ideas like this. I hope my daughter never stops getting excited about arts & crafts!

  21. What a smart use for a salad spinner! These all look fun!

  22. These are all great ideas. I’m going to try some of these with my daughters

  23. thumbprint art is one of my fave activities!! with and without the kids

  24. I try to be frugal about things myself. You found some great crafts!

  25. We are always on the lookout for good craft ideas! Thanks for sharing these!

  26. This is cool, my kids are pretty grown up and they’d still enjoy these crafts.

  27. My kids love using straws and q-tips for painting.
    I’m a big fan of cookie cutters myself.
    So much easier to use what we have here at the house!!
    Love the fingerprints…so cute!

  28. Love the colored glue! Awesome!

  29. What a great list. We try to repurpose many things to. Never thought to use them for crafts. Thanks for the info

  30. I am going to try this. We have a few bottles of glue and a couple kids that like crafts. Thanks for sharing this.

  31. Being frugal with the crafts is definitely smart. Kids like containers and our things we use in everyday life more than toys it seems like sometimes. Maybe it’s just me because I have a toddler. Even the phone that we used to use all the time isn’t so attractive to him anymore because we actually allow him to play with it sometimes because we no longer have it on. He still likes the phones that we actually use a lot better. Thanks for sharing these amazing frugal craft ideas!

  32. Adorable! Allows them to really get creative, too. Love it.

  33. What a fun round-up! I am always on the look out for Frugal and Fun Crafts.

  34. I love frugal craft ideas that allow my kids to use their imagination!

  35. We have used several of these techniques. We love crafting with recycled items.

  36. That glue paint is really neat, I’ve never seen that before. My daughter really liked creating with Play-Doh and clay when she was younger.

  37. I love the toilet paper tube roll art idea! I think they do this one at my son’s preschool!!! A Ha!

  38. my son would love the toilet paper tube stamps! I’m sure we even have a tube of wrapping paper with just enough paper to wrap this last birthday gift – so There will be an additional size tube to use

  39. Thanks for sharing this list! I have been looking for some new ideas for my toddler! We’ve done the toilet paper roll tube stamp thing – we bent it into a heart shape – so fun!

  40. Wait, you can color glue? I see new projects on our horizon!

  41. I love the colored glue paint idea. Lots of great ones!

  42. My son would love the bubble pop and the salad spinner one!! Fun ideas!!

  43. This looks like a wall in my kids room… I had to take a double look when I first clicked on the page.

  44. im all about being frugal this year and love these ideas, thanks for sharing!

  45. My little one is just beginning to play around with art. Thank you for these fun ideas!

  46. Great collection of ideas. I love crafting with kids but prefer to do it as inexpensively as possible.

  47. I love the salad spinner art. It looks so cool.

  48. Fantastic ideas and very creative!

  49. Great round up – thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  50. Hat a great way to be creative. Thanks for the art inspiration.

  51. That is a really great list. Shaving cream art???? Who knew. This is a good list for our 4H after school group.

  52. Great ideas Nicole! It can be difficult finding activities to keep the kids occupied and there’s always something lying around the house that can be used to create great pieces of art. Loving the toilet paper tube stamp art!

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