A friend of mine e-mailed me a blog she liked with a specific link for colored glue paint. I couldn’t resist making some for my kids. Glad I did! They love it, even friends we had over for crafts enjoyed it too! Here is how you make it!
Last week Office Depot had their glue on sale for a penny! I purchased 16 bottles of glue, enough to make colored glue.
Materials needed:
bottled glue
food coloring
Squeeze the food coloring into the bottles, I did about 6 drops each color per bottle. Then I put the top back on and shook it for awhile. Then overnight I put in the cups upside down. Giving the food coloring a chance to even out.
The next morning I turned the bottle right side up and left for the day. I noticed it took about 24 hours for the food coloring to throughly change the color of the glue.
Here are a few crafts we did with our colored glue:
My toddler likes to paint with it – it gives a puffy effect on her paper
While my preschooler enjoys painting with it too but he likes to write his letters with it too

My 4 year odl enoyed using it on wax paper
 His finished masterpiece!

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