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We had some friends over this week for a play date while they were here we did an toilet paper tube inspired painting!

Watercolor paper
toilet paper / paper towel tube
Paint brushes
Black Acrylic Paint

Have the children dip the circle opening of the toilet paper tube into the black acrylic paint and then use this as a stamp on the paper. Using their creativity, making whatever pattern on the paper they desire.

Allow the acrylic paint to dry or else when the kids water color the black with smudge. Then have the kids watercolor the circle imprints or the outside of the imprints, whatever their imagination takes them!

My 8 year old decided to use a lot of colors and he even colored the outside of the circles.
While my 5 year old loves the color blue, his painting is simple.
For my 4 and 2 year old they painted on thick card stock paper. My 4 year olds painting is on the left and my 2 year old on the right.

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