How To Make Foam Slime

My kids have gone bonkers over making slime lately. We have purchased slime several kits but now we decided to make our own slime without a kit.  Since we have made slime in several colors and slime with glitter, beads, etc. it was time to move up a notch and make something different. Foam slime!  This is great for all ages (if you have little kiddos I suggest that you help). Yay, I found a family activity that my 15-year-old son jumped on board with! 

Most of the ingredients we already had available and if we did not have them I ordered them on-line so we did not have to leave the house during this time. 


Supplies to make foam slime

A large mixing bowl 
A spatula or a fork
1/2 cup of Elmer’s Glue
2 1/2 cups of shaving cream (not gel)
2 1/2 TB of contact saline solution (Make sure it has boric acid because if it does not then it will not work)
Food coloring


  • First I gathered all the supplies to make this craft. I also gathered a few large used yogurt containers that I keep after my kids are done with their yogurt (I had a container for each kid, you will see why as you read on). 
  • Next measure the glue out and pour it into the mixing bowl. 
  • Then add a few drops of the food coloring into the glue. My kids all wanted different colors but that was not going to happen so I initially added a few drops of 1 color. 
  • After the food coloring was added I mixed the two together.  Measure out the shaving cream and add it to the glue mixture and mix.
  • Next, add the contact lens solution little at a time. Continue to mix it all together until it no longer sticks to the bowl.
  • Once it is all mixed together then I separated it evenly into the yogurt containers for my kids. I placed the foam slime in their own containers where they could add more food coloring so that they could have the color they wanted.
  • Finally, the foam slime can be taken out of the container and kneaded by hand. The more it is played with the less slimy it will be.


I found playing with it addicting! When the kids were done playing with it they were able to have their own container with a lid. It lasted for approximately a month and then it lost it’s foaminess. There are so many slime recipes, what recipe is your favorite to make with your kids? 


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  1. My youngest is still all about making slime, and we haven’t tried a version like this yet. I’ll have to make this with him. He’s going to love it.

  2. That looks like something that any kid would love. I can’t think of a child who can say no to slime!

  3. My kids are going to love this! I just ran out of activities to do with them, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

  4. My youngest loves slime. This will be a great science lessson

  5. Now, this looks like something really fun to make at home this summer. Kids love these slimes!

  6. Oh slime…I have a love hate relationship with it. My kids would love this.

  7. My 14 year old twins saw me looking at this and both said…that actually looks cool! We should make some! So I guess we’ll be making some foamy slime! Thanks for the fun recipe and idea!

  8. That looks so much fun to try! I am sure my kids will love this!

  9. Looks so much fun to try! I am sure my kids will love this!

  10. What a fun idea!! My kids will enjoy this!

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