Homemade Glitter Play-Doh #NewYears



My kids and I started the new year by making glitter Play-Doh today. Glitter for a New Years theme – why not sparkle in the new year?! They all pitched in by adding the ingredients and mixing while it cooked. It was a fun collaboration. 


Homemade Glitter Play-Doh

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Homemade Glitter Play-Doh
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
7 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
7 min
  1. 1 Cup Salt
  2. 2 Cups Water
  3. 2 Cups Flour
  4. 4 teaspoons cream of tartar
  5. 4 tablespoons of oil
  6. 1/4 Cup Glitter
  1. Mix all the ingredients together, cook on medium heat stirring with wooden spoon constantly until mixture pulls from the sides of the pan. From into a ball on wax paper till cooled. Once cooled I sprinkled silver glitter little at a time and start kneaded into the Play-Doh and keep adding until all the glitter is fully mixed in the Play-Doh.
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There are so many different ways you can make Play-Doh, we made peppermint Play-Doh a few years ago at Christmas time. The kids love making it so much that we decided this year to make different themes using different colors and scents so stay tuned for these fun recipes! You are never too old to play with Play-Doh – my 9 1/2 year old (oldest) plays with it for hours! 


What fun Play-Doh recipes have you made? 

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  1. I have just brought play doh back into my girl’s world. I may need to allow them to add some sparkle to their play doh.

  2. That looks so fun. Can’t wait for the grandkids to come down so we can play.

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

      Good idea. I should send some of this to my parents house the next time she watches the kids for me 🙂

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I have made my own play-doh before, but never with glitter in it. What a fun idea!

  4. How cute! I never thought about glittery Play Doh!

  5. That is awesome! I don’t have kids, but if I did, they’d be glittered out!

  6. Oh how fun is that?! I have done tons of crafts with my daughter but this is something we have yet to try! Maybe we’ll give it a go today? I love the idea of adding glitter! Glitter makes everything better 🙂

  7. Awesome! Do you know if we could add food coloring to it, to change the color?

  8. My girls love play-doh…and squeal with delight when glitter is involved with anything. This is a perfect match for them!

  9. Now that’s super fun! You could do all kinds of different colors of glitter, too!

  10. That is pretty cool. I love glitter!

  11. Oh my goodness that is so cool! I would never have thought about using glitter in play doh!

  12. This is the stuff I never got to make with my son. He wasn’t into glitter, even when he was little.

  13. I never thought of adding a scent to play doh. That is a genius idea.

  14. This play dough looks like so much fun! We made koolaid play dough many times but this is one better.

  15. what a clever way to mix things up for this age. If I need to ever make playdogh again totally adding this, but keeping it out of the house!

  16. Stephanie Keeping says:

    How fun and simple! My kids would love it.

  17. Cute idea. How does it do in keeping the glitter in the play dough?

  18. Oh how fun. I haven’t tried anything like this before but know my kids would have a blast with it. Thanks so much for the info.

  19. Oh this looks so fun. Kiddo hasn’t played with playdoh in ages but she might if it sparkles!

  20. Son likes the glitter bu the is over the play doh stage. He does feel glitter makes everything better. Ipersonally think this rocks.

  21. We have always made our own play doh but never with glitter. WE use the same recipe!

  22. What a fun way to keep the kiddos entertained! I’d probably make it without the glitter though…my 2 year old seems to make some pretty big messes with glitter!

  23. Oh man. I have always LOVED playdough, and this looks awesome! I’m saving this up for a snowy day

  24. My four year old is obsessed with play-doh, but we’ve never made glitter kind! He even got poo-dough for Christmas!

  25. My kids would have had a blast with glitter play dough. They always got a kick out of glitter when they were younger.

  26. Oh boy, my daughter would love this! She is a Playdoh fanatic!

  27. Peppermint and glitter play-dough sound like a blast. Perfect for a kid table during the holidays.

  28. Looks like so much fun! I always loved scented play doh as a kid, i’m surprised its so simple to make!

  29. Kids always like playing with Play Doh and creating all kinds of things.

  30. That’s a fun way to use glitter! You’re right about age, I’m 44 and I still like to play with Play Doh. 🙂

  31. My kids would love this stuff! It’s pretty Sesame, and I’ve never made it so we may just have to this week!

  32. I haven’t made glitter Play-Doh yet with the kiddo, but we’ve made several other kinds. He loves it. It’s a great sensory tool.

  33. I love this!
    We would have to make the dough blue for a more “frozen feel” to it.
    We normally make our own but I haven’t added glitter in ages.

  34. I have boys so we’ve never had much glitter here. I do think my niece would like it though.

  35. We go through playdoh all the time .this would be nice to have on hand.

  36. We love home made playdoh still. Yes even I get to play too.

  37. We have made this a lot. My daughter loves the glitter.

  38. How cool! Glittery play Doh. And to think it is home made

  39. I like your fancy dough! I have not tried a cream of tartar recipe yet, but it looks like a really good consistency. We have lots of freezing days in Chicago and this will be a great way to spend a few of those having fun inside!

  40. Wow the ingredients make this so easy to make right at home. Maybe my son will be into touching stuff like this soon so we can make it at home. Looks like a lot of fun to play with.

  41. Glitter play dough would certainly make some really pretty things. I bet the kids love playing with it and probably would be glowing themselves well into the night, LOL.

  42. This is such a fun idea! My kids can play with play dough for hours!

  43. I haven’t made homemade play-doh in quite some time. I love the idea of incorporating glitter into it!

  44. I might need to try and make this with my kids. Both of my kids love Play-Doh but go through it so quickly. Making it at home would be fun too, and the glitter is a nice touch.

  45. We haven’t made play doh in a while, this would be a fun change. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the linky

  46. I saw this diy on a Pinterest board and that it was a brilliant idea (saw what I did there! hehehe)

  47. This is so cool. I love how easy to make and the fact that it sparkles with glitter.

  48. What a fabulous idea for a New Years craft! I can’t wait to try it out with my kids.

  49. This is something the kids would love making and playing with. The addition of glitter is so festive.

  50. I love this and will be making it as my kids love playing with playdoh. Add glitter and it is sure to be a hit with the kids.

  51. Not only a great craft with the little ones, but also a wonderful gift for party favors.

  52. My daughter loved playing with Play Doh when she was younger. Add glitter and it would have been impossible to get her away from playing with it.

  53. just so creative – i wouldnt have thought it was a playdoh at all!

  54. This looks like a fun recipe to make and use with kids! Our kids would love to play with dough like this! Thanks for sharing.

  55. We just got a good amount of snow, so I’ll have to try to make this to keep my kids entertained this week!

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