Colorful Rain Art #KidsCraft

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So much for living here in the Sunshine State.  Yes, Florida gets plenty of sunshine but lately it has rained quite a bit.  We make the most of it, not allowing the rain to put a damper on our days.  One of the things our homeschool has lacked this year is crafts so this summer we will be doing quite a bit of crafts and art projects.  With all the rain and crafts scheduled we decided to incorporate them both together by making colorful rain art. 


Watercolor paper (if  you use anything else other than watercolor paper it really will not turn out very well.  Watercolor paper is nice and thick and will not get holes from the water.)

Washable Markers (any other type of markers will not work)

~ Rain or you could even use a spray bottle if you do not have rain in your forecast.


My kids filled their papers with bright colors. Some made designs which,  I think turned out the best when they were rained on.  While others just made Jackson Pollack type designs.  Once they were done we placed their pictures outside in the rain.  So they did not blow away we placed a small rock on the four corners of their papers.  Then we watched through the window as the rain finished off their final stages of their masterpieces. The rain splattered over their pictures leaving behind colorful designs. When the rain let up we went outside and took the pieces out of the rain and let them dry. 

The final results were so much different than what they drew! A few of my kids who wrote their names in big bubble letters you could no longer see their names, the markers blended in with the rest of the colors on their pages.


There are so many other fun things to do when it rains.  They will keep kids busy until the rain passes! 

Critter Cave 

Popsicle Stick Harmonica

Popsicle Stick Lizards

Clothespin Airplanes

Crinkle Art Painting

Toilet Paper Tube Snake

Bubble Wrap Art

Salad Spinner Art


How do you keep your kids busy when it rains over the summer?


This article may contain affiliate links. Feel free to see Mama to 6 Blessings Disclosure Policy if you have any questions. 


  1. I don’t have any kids, but I just love rain so much! What a cute idea to put marker drawings out there!

  2. Ok this is just cool! We always avoid the rain with our drawings, but I think I will do this with my kids the next time it rains!

  3. That is so cool! This kind of “changing” art has always fascinated me. I love to watch it happen.

  4. My kids love to create! It has been raining here a lot lately, so this is a perfect chance to get in a craft AND enjoy the rain!

  5. What a fun craft to do on a rainy day. It makes for some pretty artwork.

  6. Crystal says:

    Love that you were able to take advantage of the weather. They turned out just lovely. Now I’m anxious for the next rainy day which is normally not the case around here!

  7. This is so cute. I love the rain. I definitely want to try this, even though there are no kids in my house. I love to color and I love the rain, it’s like a match made in heaven and brilliant to combine the two.

  8. Amy Desrosiers says:

    What pretty pieces of art. I think I might pick up some cheap frames and have my kids make some for their new rooms.

  9. Claudia Krusch says:

    I can not wait to try this. I love the results you got. I am always looking for new crafts to try.

  10. Wow, This is such a fun craft. I can’t wait to try this out with my littles.

  11. Oh this is an awesome way to keep the kids from getting bored on rainy days! So trying this!

  12. So fun! I love doing art projects with my kids. This looks like a good one. Thanks!

  13. This is really cool! I will definitely try this with the kids! Awesome!!

  14. My son has been so BORED since it’s rained every day in FL this week! I need to try this one!

  15. katrina gehman says:

    what a super cute idea! love it! i’ll have to try this with my kids soon.

  16. We are having a rainy day here in Illinois so I was looking for some crafts to do. This one is perfect!

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