Shaving Cream Sensory Play

I know they say let them get dirty. Let them get messy. I am one of those moms that thinks the opposite of that. Maybe I am OCD? When my kids make a mess I cannot wait for it to be cleaned up. With 6 kids this is not practical. So, I have been stretching myself lately. Instead of saying no, saying yes. Hey, mama can we play with the kinetic sand in the house? Hey, mama can we play with the Play-doh? These items and more can make a big mess. It’s not just playing with the kinetic sand in the plastic bin because most of it winds up all over the floor. Even if I put a towel or sheet under the bin it still winds up everywhere. It’s not just dragging out all the Play-doh and accessories and playing at the dining room table because most of it winds up all over the floor. You know what, it’s OK. Why? They are kids. Let them play, make messes and have fun, right?

I look around my house at the messes and I realize, it’s OK because one day they will be grown up and moved out with families of their own. I am sure at the time I would do anything to have them back home little making the messes. So we are pulling out the toys that make messes and making the messes!

Recently I decided to let my 3 littles have a super messy sensory playtime which involved shaving cream! Yikes! It was worth the mess to watch them play. The way I envisioned them to play did not quite work out because they did not keep all the shaving cream on their baking sheet pan but instead it wound up all over the place but hey, they are kids it’s OK. Nothing soap and water can solve!


Large baking sheet

Shaving cream (I used non-gel)

I sprayed a few large piles of shaving cream on each child’s baking sheet pan. Then I had my kids go to town. They started off using their hands to write and draw things onto their baking sheet. They squeezed the shaving cream in their hands and watched it ooze between their fingers. Then they tried to see how high they could get the shaving cream. This play led to getting it all over the kitchen counter, the tile floor, and themselves! Surprisingly they played with this for a long time. It was not too bad to clean up either. I figured next time we would do this outside and then they can play in the sprinklers afterward!

They had so much fun! What is the messiest you allowed your kids to make inside your house?

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  1. That looks like so much fun for any kid. What child doesn’t love making some sort of mess? LOL

  2. I see we have things in common when it comes to tidyness. I give you credit for letting your guard down and having that shaving cream party.

  3. Omgsh this looks like so much FUN! And I agree – make the mess! These days go by fast. 😉

  4. Making a mess is one of the best parts of being a kid. I love this idea.

  5. Shaving cream is a wonderful texture to play with. My grandbabies would love to play with this

  6. This is so much fun. I have done this before too. Kids really love doing this.

  7. Ryan Escat says:

    Love it It is a very fun activity. Even me I love to play with shaving creams.

  8. Kita Bryant says:

    I can’t lie, this stuff is fun to play in for adults too! I looove the feel of it. No shame here.

  9. I can see kids and adults having a blast with shaving cream. Messy but so much fun.

  10. That does look like so much fun! I let my kids at school do this to clean off their desks. They had a good time and the desks got clean! Win win!!

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