Saving Money With Solar Energy

My husband and I purchased our second home a year and a half ago after we outgrew our 1,500 square foot townhouse after having our 6th child.  We needed more space period! While house hunting we had certain criteria. Our wish list included least 4 bedrooms, a pool, a backyard, large kitchen, two car garage and solar panels.  Unfortunately there was not a home that had everything we were looking for so we had to compromise. The biggest compromise we made was purchasing a home without solar panels. Thankfully in time we can add them to our home! 

When we think of solar panels we often think of renewable solar energy.  How do solar panels work? Solar panels utilize the energy from the sun to convert into power that can provide us with electricity for our homes and businesses. Not only is this great for our planet but it helps our pockets as well.  The solar industry has been growing quickly over the past 10 years. Reports show that there are over 9,000 solar power companies in the United States alone. This means that many people are put to work to help install, repair and replace solar panels for houses and businesses.



Solar power and wind power are great ways to collaborate with nature — it’s the only way we are going to get to the other end of the 21st century! In many rural areas of the United States wind energy turbines are being erected. Farmers are benefiting by capitalizing on the government offering incentive’s for farmers to place these wind turbines on their property. These farmers are experiencing relief towards their lease payments, new tax revenues, and taking pride in the fact that they are providing clean energy for the surrounding areas. The wind industry currently provides Americans with over 100,000 jobs in our country!

More and more businesses are wanting to switch over to renewable energy. That being said it is difficult for businesses to switch over to cleaner forms of energy if they have been relying on older and more harmful forms for a long time. Thankfully, transitions are being made to make this entirely possible. Businesses and private homes have so much to gain from depending on clean energy.  People are starting to realize this potential and are doing what they can to capitalize on it. The future is bright when it comes to renewable energy and we can expect to see more cost-effective innovations created in the future.


Have you considered switching your home and/or business over to solar power?  If you are considering it and have questions contact Rusty Tweed Solar they will be happy to help and answer any question you might have. 


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  1. I dream of solar panels, too!! I think they are just fabulous! My mother-in-law has them on her house and has absolutely loved them.

  2. I use solar panels too. It’s saved us a ton of money on TCs and more.

  3. We are hoping to move into a new home soon, and will be looking to help power our new home with solar energy. Such a great way to help save money and help save the environment as well!

  4. My uncle is in the process of adding solar panels to their house and now my parents are thinking of changing over. Will share your blog post with them so they have more information.

  5. Solar panels are such a great idea. I have an Aunt that has had them for many years. We hope to someday have them. Thank you for your very informative post about them.

  6. Solar panels I think its becoming crucial for the coming generation and especially if you’re own electric car and something like that, what do you think?

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