15 Amazing Homemade Playdough Recipes #NationalPlayDohDay



Did you know that Play-Doh inventor Joe McVicker originally sold Play-Doh as a wallpaper cleaner but the world had another use for his product!  I am glad it did because I remember when I was a little girl I used to love to play with Play-Doh.  Back then there was only a few select colors to play with and there really weren’t very many accessories to play with it.  Times have really changed because now there seems to be every color under the sun Play-doh and a there are tons of accessories on the market to play with it.  My kids love to play with Play-Doh.  When my oldest was little I bought him Play-Doh and someone gave him a whole bucket full of Play-Doh accessories to go with it.  Things like plastic cutters, molds, etc.  It was a hit and many years later my little one’s are enjoying playing with the Play-doh and the same accessories.


There have been many times we have made homemade playdough in our home.  We have made scented playdough and glitter dough.    I personally love dough because not only is it fun to create and use your imagination with but it’s a perfect homeschool tool.  Kids can roll it out and mold it into shapes, letters and numbers.  I even made learning letter mats that I laminated for my kids to practice the shape of the letters.


September 16th is National Play-Doh Day! Store bought Play-Doh is fun to play with but how about making your own? Here are 15 amazing homemade playdough recipes: 


Pink Princess Cake Mix Playdough by Crayons & Cravings

Cake Batter Scented Play Dough by Midget Mama

Ice Cream Play Dough by A Sparkle of Genius 

How to Make Edible Playdough (no cook recipe) by Kimspired DIY

Edible Pumpkin Play Dough by Raising Whasians 

Chocolate Playdough Recipe by The Maven

Spiced Fall Playdough by Splendry 

Fall Scented Play Doh by Midget Mama

2 Ingredient Playdough by Meraki Mother

Kool-Aid Playdough by Doodlecraft

The Best Playdough Recipe by I Heart Naptime

Homemade Glitter Play-Doh by Mama to 6 Blessings 

Grandma’s Soft  Homemade Play-Doh by A Mom’s Take 

Breakfast Edible Dough by Jeddah Mom

Natural Gluten-free Homemade Playdoh by Strength & Sunshine



What are your homemade Playdough recipes? Share them in  my comments section! Have a fun National Play-Doh Day! 


  1. We make lots of homemade play dough. My youngest has sensory issues, so he loves playing with it.

  2. I LOVE these! I used to make a very plain playdough for my kids when they were little. This was in the very early days of the internet when you couldn’t find awesome stuff like this.

  3. Play dough was always a big favorite of the kids and mine too if it was not too messy. It is great that you can make your own and kids get to play with their creation.

  4. I’m always checking out new play dough recipes. Our family just can’t get enough of play dough. thanks for the great options next time we make it!!

  5. Meagan Ivie says:

    We love play doh at my house! I want to try making one with neon colors!

  6. There are so many options to choose from. I used to make salt dough with the kids years ago. They would have loved these, especially the glitter play-doh.

  7. I used to make my kids a ton of simply flour dough. I never added color to it and just mixed water, salt, and cheap flour. It worked like a charm!

  8. Ohhhh! I’ve never made homemade playdough, but now I want to! All of these look like so much fun to do with my nieces!

  9. What an interesting fact about the origins of Play-Doh. I haven’t made any in ages now that my kids are teens. It is so much fun to play with.

  10. I think we should try to make some homemade playdough tomorrow! I am going to bookmark this.

  11. Kids will surely enjoy these! Lots of fun options to choose from!

  12. Love this!

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