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 I  participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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I have shared my daughter’s  story of chronic sickness with asthma, and weakened immune system. My 4-year-old gets sick so quickly so I have to to try to  nip her having complications when there are first signs of her getting a cold.  Making sure she gets plenty of rest and using natural products such as Zarbees.


There are so many products on the market that are to help coughs and colds but they are filled with dyes and ingredients that are not necessary. Zarbee’s offers a full product line of children’s products that will help children feel better that are not filled with dyes and additives. 


Zarbee’s was created by a father of four and Pediatrician Zak Zarbock, M.D.  As a parent he understood the need for parents to safely treat their child’s illnesses. A clinical trial showing how dark honey effectively soothes coughs and sore throats inspired him to make a safe and all-natural alternative for children and babies. His own little boys became “test subjects” and helped Dr. Zak create a great tasting, all-natural, vitamin-enhanced cough syrup. Zarbee’s will continue to work on offering the best natural drug-free cough remedies available. Our goal is to get your family back to school (or work), outside to play and to your activities as fast as possible. 


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For during the daytime Zarbee’s has a product line that will soothe children’s coughs. When m daughter gets sick  she gets sick fast, starting off with sneezing and a persistent cough. Immediately I have her Zarbee’s Naturals Cough products which work quickly keeping her cough at bay.  They work so great is because Zarbee’s uses natural ingredients to fight cough and cold symptoms:

Dark honey which is rich in antioxidants clinically proven to be as effective as DXM in relieving coughs in children.

Vitamin C boosts immunity.

Zinc boosts immunity.


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Nighttime is the hardest time of the day when children are sick. Zarbee’s Sleep products contain melatonin which helps children to get a good night’s rest so that their bodies can get well.


Ever since my daughter was diagnosed with asthma and an immature immune systems 3 years ago I had to take immediate action.  I changed her diet only allowing her to have limited sugary goods, constant hand washing, keep several air purifiers on 24 hours throughout our home and to break her of sucking her thumb. This has all helped but it’s inevitable she is still prone to get sick so when she is sick I make sure she gets plenty of rest, keep her hydrated and give her Zarbee’s products which help the healing process. 


Dr. Zak also has a few quick tips that help keep your child’s cold symptoms in check:

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 Zarbee’s is now a product that I have in my medicine cabinet not just for my daughter but for my other 4 kids as well!  Looking for natural ways to treat your child’s cough and help them feel well? Zarbee’s can do just that!  Save money PLUS FREE shipping by using the below coupon code! 

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I  participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
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  1. We are just crossing over into the children’s medicines and I love having natural alternatives.

  2. Because most of the over the counter meds out there are seriously dangerous for children I am glad that this is now available. My body, for some strange reason reacts as if I am a child to meds so I have t be super careful-I may try one or two of these for myself!

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand but it sounds really great for kids! thanks so much for sharing! going to check it out!

  4. Your poor munchkin. It is wonderful that you found a product that offers her some relief.

  5. I have been slowing moving towards natural products in my house. These sound great.

  6. I love Zarbee’s! It’s the only cough medicine concoction I’ll ever give to my son because it’s so natural.

  7. I am so glad to learn about this product and am going to share with my sister now.

  8. I have heard of this brand before but I don’t remember if we have ever used them. Thanks for suggesting them! I am going to have to pick some up!

  9. This came at a great time! My sister’s kids keep getting sick with coughs and colds and she is going crazy! Her house is so clean and they are limiting their time in public but they keep catching colds. I am going to send her these natural products to help the little ones get through it.

  10. Used Zarbee’s last season and it worked like a champ!

  11. All natural is the way to go for sure. Will have to try this brand.

  12. These are amazing! Besides to break a scary fever, I have always stayed away from traditional meds for my kiddos. I need to grab a few of these products ASAP!

  13. I love that they have a baby cough relief! Hope your little one is feeling better! <3

  14. Chasity Boatman says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but I am interested. I always like more natural approaches.

  15. My fiance has been using Zarbee’s for all natural allergy relief due to him really loving cats, us having 5 of them, and him being allergic. Yeah. I don’t understand how that happened, either. It’s great that Zarbee’s has a whole children’s and baby line so that you can treat colds and nip them in the bud naturally.

  16. We love Zarbees! The perfect solution for kids under 6

  17. Poor little girl! We use Zarbee’s all the time and love them!

  18. This stuff is awesome. I tried it myself and it tastes great and works well!

  19. Poor kiddo! I have used the cold and cough on my kids in the past as well. It did a good jiob.

  20. We love Zarbees.. that’s the only cough syrup that works for my daughter; she has Asthma and no other works better… thanks for a great review and we highly recommend it, too

  21. I have found that honey is extraordinarily soothing for coughs. I can see why this works!

  22. I hate having to give cough syrup but sometimes it’s the only thing that works! We also use essential oils for dealing with asthma and that helps a lot. When my son is having a lot of flare-ups, though, we have to break out the cough syrup.

  23. We use honey a lot, and we have used Zarbee’s before with pretty good success. Thanks for sharing the coupon!

  24. This seems like a great product! It’s great that you can treat your daughter in a natural way!

  25. My boys cough all winter long, but I Have never tried this brand before. I love that it’s natural and will definitley look for it in the store.

  26. This is my first time to hear that children syrup since i am not a US resident we have our own tiki tiki.

  27. Zarbees has worked wonders for those horrid coughs with my kids. Love their products.

  28. I’ll have to try this out.

  29. I haven’t seen this line before but happy it’s working for you. I remember when my youngest was smaller he was very susceptible to everything respiratory and got colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, rsv, croup, you name it. It’s very stressful because we just want to see our kids better.

  30. We’ve been using this brand for our most recent colds…the kids aren’t a huge fan, but they seem to do the trick.

  31. thanks for the coupon! we’ve used zarbees for a long time for the kiddos

  32. I love Zarbees sometimes they offer freebies so you can try the product and that is how I found out about them. Great company!!

  33. The cold and flu season can be so hard for little ones. This is good to have on hand!

  34. I haven’t heard of this brand but I will try them out the next time one of my kiddos gets sick. I love using natural remedies whenever I can. Great coupon too!

  35. I love how safe and effective Zarabees is… My kids love the taste and I love how safe it is

  36. Thanks, I hadn’t heard of this brand will check them out. Perfect for my 5 kids1

  37. This is a handy coupon! I’m a fan of Zarbee’s and their natural alternatives for kiddos. It’s really important to know what we are giving our kids when they are sick!

  38. My daughter was not a super healthy child. She did not have the issues your daughter does, but she seemed to always have a cold or upper respiratory issues. I wish I would have known about this then. I love using natural products.

  39. We use Zarbees too. I have several bottles in my cabinet now to help during flu season.

  40. Zarbee’s? This is the first time I heard about this med. Since I am an advocate of natural meds, I would certainly try this one. 🙂

  41. These are really great products. Love the natural qualities

  42. Ohhh thanks for the coupon! I could use the sleep one for the kiddoes! Love that it is all natural!

  43. Zarbees sounds like a really great product, never heard of it before. I am all for natural meds for little ones. Great coupon too.

  44. Nice coupon. I will pass it on to mom’s with young kiddos.

  45. I am so glad to find a honey-based line of products for soothing coughs! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  46. I like the idea of natural remedies for my children when they are sick. These products seem like something to look into.

  47. I tried this when I was in New York and it really was the only thing that helped me stop coughing! Thanks for the coupon! We definitely need it at our house right now!

  48. It’s so important to me that I have natural alternatives to treat my children. I do not want to look up 3 years into treating them with a product to have it recalled because of an ingredient. Zarbee’s makes me feel safer about treating their symptoms.

  49. Awesome, thanks for sharing the coupon!! This is what we use because we don’t do meds… thanks!

  50. I just heard about Zarbee from one of my friends. They tell me how effective and affordable Zarbee’s is. And now that I have seen your review, I will try it myself.

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