Today was our 1st offical day of 1st grade and preschool!

Yesterday I got the last of my organizing done for the month of August, making copies, etc. So my month is all sell. Check our my organizing method for each month HERE.

This is what I worked on yesterday!
1st Grade workbox for the week
What are we doing this week:
Galloping the Globe – Asia
Apologia (swim creatures) lesson 1
Handwriting: Abeka + Apologia copywork
Literature: reading a chapter a day of Charolette’s Web
Bible: devotionals Gotta Have God (I am waiting for the rest of my Bible curriculum to come in the mail)
Reading: Bob Books, Hooked on Phonics level 3
Spelling: Superteacher worksheets list 1
Math: Math U See Lessons 1 Alpha
Phonics: Complete Book of Phonics
Plus still having some summer fun!

Each day gets 2 drawers
Preschool Workboxes (my toddler’s workbox too but that will be a seperate post)

Preschool Pack is from Homeschool Creations (I printed and put in clear sleeves to use with dry erase marker)

 The fish printables I got HERE. I copied them into Word and enlarged them.

I made my preschooler & toddler a ocean sensory box (I will have a seperate post for this too)
We will be using this for awhile!
It started off as a crazy day, my children seemed to be uncorporative but after much prayer we got on track! I may have to split my schooling up into 2 sections 1/2 morning the other half while the little ones are napping so the distractions will be gone. All I know is that each day before we begin I will start with prayer! I couldn’t do it without the help of my Maker!

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