Threaded Heart Decor

I love to sew; I just wish I had more time or I would sew more frequently. Although I admit I am not that great at it but I always feel a sense of accomplishment with whatever projects I have made. Projects like baby slings, cloth diapers, clothing for my kids, etc.  Sewing is a relaxing hobby. 


So, when my oldest daughter took an interest in sewing last year, I took her to the craft store and had her pick out fabric so she could sew clothes for her American Girl Doll but unfortunately, she quickly lost interest. Thankfully my youngest daughter has taken an interest in sewing.


Cross stitch is my all-time favorite hobby. In my opinion, it is much easier than using a sewing machine.  So, I decided to start my youngest daughter off by using a beginner cross stitch pattern. It was a simple flower that she wanted to cross stitch for her sister but after a while into it I realized I was the one doing all the stitching because she had a hard time with it. Next, I moved her to my sewing machine. I gave her an easy straight edge seem to sew but she has a heavy foot with the foot pedal. So, we went to basics. Baby steps.

Maybe teaching her how to hand sew first would be best? So, I went online and printed these adorable sewing cards.  I printed them off and glued them to a piece of cardboard. Next, I poked holes on the dots of the sewing cards so that she could practice threading the yarn through. This completed activity turned into an adorable craft that makes perfect Valentine’s Day décor!


Materials needed for this craft

Sewing cards

Glue stick

Cardboard Square

Long nail and hammer



Long plastic needle

Watercolor paints




First, print these adorable sewing cards.  Next glue them to a piece of cardboard (we used a piece of cardboard from a cereal box). Once the glue had dried she painted the printed area with watercolor paint. Give the paint time to dry, we let ours sit overnight. Then use a large nail and a hammer to poke holes where the printed dots are, make sure you use something underneath the cardboard so you do not damage your surface your working on.

Thread the plastic needle and then thread through the poked holes then tie the two ends of the thread behind the cardboard so you cannot see it or tie it into a bow in the front.

Once the piece is completed you can use it for Valentine’s decor or everyday decor. Place it on a mantle or shelf and admire your child’s creativity! My preschooler saw his older sister make this and he decided he wanted to make his a star. He did pretty well for being a little guy!

What fun Valentine’s crafts are you making with your children this month?

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  1. That’s a great craft idea. I love the color, and I love how easy it is to make. It’s perfect for the kiddos.

  2. What a fun craft to do with the kids. It would help with their small motor skills

  3. I think this is such a cute idea for an adult or a kid! The colors are so pretty, and the simple design has such a lovely rustic feel.

  4. So very cute! I remember when I learned to cross-stitch. I got the opportunity to teach both of my daughters this. I love the idea of making it Valentine’s day decor!

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