Chalk Pastels & Glitter Glue Abstract Art

My girls and I love to do crafts. When we craft we typically use the materials we already have which is too much in my opinion! So much so that I was concerned about where I would store them in our home when we moved 4 years ago. Thankfully my husband came up with a great idea which was to bring the extra cabinets we used for storage in our old home. Instead of putting a small table in the kitchen nook, I had my husband install all these extra cabinets and use them as my craft storage. Sure they do not match my kitchen cabinets but I love how everything is hidden and has a place.

Recently I took everything out of these cabinets and reorganized them. I had many of those, hey I forgot about this when I found craft supplies I had forgotten about. Two of those items were the mounds of colored card stock my husband got for free from a co-worker. Another item was the brand new chalk pastels which were still sealed in the box.

After all the organization of our craft supplies, I was in the mood to craft so I placed the card stock, glitter glue, and pastel chalk on the dining room table and asked my kids if they wanted to make “masterpieces”. I was not surprised that my girls were the only two that wanted to experiment with these art supplies.


Glitter glue

Card stock

Chalk Pastels

First, we used glitter glue and swirled it around on the card stock. No real designs really just making all kinds of shapes but keeping the shapes close together.

Overnight we allowed the glitter glue to dry and the next day we used the chalk pastels and colored in the shapes. Sounds easy, right? It was!

When we were done we hung them up in the kids hallway so that they could enjoy them!


Use your finger to blend colors together.

Try to use different colors in the shapes that are next to each other.

When using dark-colored card stock use brighter colors, it gives it a nice pop.

There are so many different variations you can do. What do you think?

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  1. That is such an awesome art project. I love how creative the kids can be with it without it being a huge mess. Ver cool.

  2. That is such a fantastic project! It’s so important to introduce kids to the arts. It really helps open their imaginations.

  3. I think art projects like this are so perfect for introducing kids to the arts. This is so colorful and fun! I also love that there is no glitter involved.

  4. What a cool activity. I can’t wait for warmer weather so the kids can have fun with chalk.

  5. This is really pretty. What a great activity too. I bet my kids would love this. My youngest really loves art.

  6. Wow, I never knew, chalked pastels could look this great. Such a nice art work and fun to do..

  7. That is a great idea! Maybe use it around Easter or Spring time to make designs like for Easter eggs?

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