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This is a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.   


Are you looking to grow your business to the next level? One of the ways in doing so is to managing your data. It has become such a  critical success that many organizations measure success based on the quality and usefulness of their data. Profisee is the next generation master data management company with a mission of innovating data management strategies by providing an easy to use, easy to deploy enterprise MDM platform.


Whether you are a mom who is running a business out of your home or someone who has a large company with several employees.  Profisee is the perfect tool for you. Data is data created and grows  organizations which must prioritize managing data. That includes managing it for cleanliness, accuracy and consistency across the organization, managing access to it and managing the actionability of it. Of course achieving those goals isn’t easy, especially at scale.


Many organizations are uncovering the need for Master Data Management (MDM) software to augment and support their data management and quality initiatives. The right master data management software can help teams succeed with data management by improving business alignment, data governance, data delivery and use, measurement, organization and more.


Once you identify the need for MDM software, it’s time to determine the best solution for your organization. But that in and of itself can be an overwhelming task, especially given the number of master data management solutions available today. To help you along this process, Profisee has done the initial research for you by compiling 35 of the best master data management tools on the market today and comparing them based on numerous factors.


There are 35 Master Data Management Tools on this list, all with the following information:

  • A summary of MDM software which identifies the leading MDM software options and understand what each offers (compiling each solution’s core features, strengths, weaknesses and reviews to make your life easier!)
  • Core product features which easily compares and contrasts the capabilities of different options in a single place (no need to have 30+ tabs open on your computer trying to compare each side by side — just scroll on down!)
  • Strengths which better understand the core capabilities of Master Data Management (MDM) software at large as well as the nuances of specific solutions.
  • Weaknesses that can identify the best use cases for different software (some solutions are geared toward certain types of companies over others, whether it’s size, industry or anything else, and that’s an important distinction to make)
  • Links to customer reviews (where applicable) that can determine how your peers are using the different solutions available and what they’re saying about them.



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