Footprint Snowmen – Kids Craft

Another mom and I watch 6 babies (including my own baby) in our homeschool group in the nursery while the older kids are in their homeschool classes.  We read books to the babies, blow bubbles and play with toys.  I have started to introduce baby crafts to them.  You know the ones where the adult does most of the work? Yeah those are the one’s! 


Last week after scouring Pinterest I came up with an idea to have the kids make snowmen footprints. We also had the three and four year old’s join us in this class.  They loved getting the bottom of their feet painted, most of them said it tickled! 


Cardstock or foam sheets


Hole puncher

Black Sharpie

White, orange, yellow (or whatever color you want the snowman’s scarf to be) and black paint


On clean feet paint the bottom of kids feet white and then firmly press their painted foot on whatever you want the footprint on. Allow it to completely dry.  Then with black paint dab small dots for the snowman’s eyes, mouth, hat and buttons. Next paint a orange triangle for the carrot nose. Choose whatever color you want the scarf to be and paint a scarf around the snowman’s neck.  When everything is all dry then punch two holes at the top and thread the ribbon  through.  Tie a knot so that it’s looped.  Finally write the child’s name at the bottom along with the year. 


Hang it on the Christmas tree as an ornament or use elsewhere for a decoration.  Even better this makes a cute gift for grandparents or other family members. Next year when you pull out this keepsake you can see how much bigger your child’s foot grew in a year! 


What footprint Christmas decorations are you making with your kids this season?


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  1. First of all these are the crafts that as a mom I totally treasured from my kids’ playgroup/ early school experiences! And I love that you include their footprint which makes it even more of a keepsake! So cute!

  2. What an adorable little craft for kiddies. I feel like my littles one did this same thing, when they were young!

  3. I really likd this idea a twist to handprint designs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, I remember when my daughter would bring home all of her masterpieces. These are so adorable and they mean so much. Great memories.

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