8 Tips How To Avoid Child Abduction

One of my biggest fears as a parent is child abduction. Some parents may think it would never happen to their children but the truth is that in 2015 The Federal Bureau of Investigates reported that 460,497 children went missing. I am sure those parents never thought it would happen to their children but unfortunately it did. While some were found alive many were not found alive or still have never found.

child abduction

I bet this mother never thought it would happen to her 13 year old daughter last week.  It was an attempted kidnapping at a Dollar General in Citrus County (Florida).  All captured on video, if you have not see this video, see it for yourself.  Thankfully the mother saw it happening and she fought all while hanging onto her daughter while the abductor dragged her through the store towards the front entrance. 



So what do we do as parents? I could not imagine being one of those parents, just the thought alone breaks my heart. 


8 Tips How To Avoid Child Abduction


First and foremost educate your children. Yes, it’s the stranger danger talk. You do not talk to strangers. Adults do not need help from children especially I lost my dog line will you help me find it?  Children need to always be aware of their surroundings and if something does not seem right than most likely it’s not. 


If you are out with your child and you get separated always have a plan on where to meet.  


Teach your children while they are young their phone number, their full name, parents full name, etc.  


One of my biggest pet peeves that my kids do is walk behind me when we are out shopping. This is something I am always reminding them to walk in front of me or besides me. The saying I have eyes in the back of my head is not true and in a split second children can be taken.


If an abductor grabs your child they need to hold onto something with all their might to something heavy like a tree, etc.  This would make is more difficult for the abductor and they may give up. You can also teach your kids the windmill motion.  Waving their hands in the air fast makes it hard for an abductor to grab their arms. 


Use their voice.  Screaming as loud as they can. Things like this is not my dad, this is not my mom!  Help I am being kidnapped! 


Maybe have children learn karate or other self defense classes. If something does happen they can fight back.  Use two fingers and poke them in the eye or kick them in areas that really hurt. 


Have you educated your children about child abduction? Better to be safe than not! 



  1. Thanks for these tips. Hanging on to a tree or lamp post is good, also with the windmill technique. I also think a kick to the abductor’s shin bone would also do the trick. I will share this post with my cousins.

  2. In Michigan sex trafficking is huge and an alarming rate of children have gone missing even right in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo it’s not safe to let your kid go off on their own is my number one tip. Never let them just go and grab a item really quick it’s those moments that they like to get the kids. Parking lot’s is another they like to take the kids when they are acting up pitching tantrums over not getting what they wanted in the store.
    When my daughter was little used monkey back packs because she would take off way a head of me and she is super friendly. My daughter is special needs and does not know my phone number yet. There are programs you can have your child set up with at the local police station I have a cd and pictures of bella and detail info about her disorder. I honestly think with all of these safe guards there isn’t anything stopping a child kidnapping if they want your kid bad enough they will do and go to any crazy insne length to do so. That’s the scary part.

  3. Jeanine says:

    Great tips! I couldn’t believe that video when I saw it. That guy had some serious balls, and the mom kicked into action so quickly. it was really crazy to see.

  4. Catherine Sargent says:

    Thanks for the great tips. This was something I always worried about especially when my son was little. When he was small I never let him out of my sight when we went out.

  5. This is one of the things that I worry about. I just don’t let my kids out of my sight when I’m shopping but my oldest knos to kick and scream.

  6. These are some good things to keep in mind. You really have to prepare your children for situations like this just in case.

  7. It is so important to be educated and it is important for kids to know what to do in case someone approaches them.

  8. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    These are great tips. It is such a scary thought of your child getting kidnapped. I always taught my kids to kick and aim for the crotch if someone ever tried to take them.

  9. Great tips! I saw that Dollar General video last week – scared the heck out of me. Especially with twins on the way…they draw more attention 🙁 I’m gonna have to be a hawk!

  10. Janell Poulette says:

    These are great tips. It can be such a scary topic to discuss but it needs to be out there more so that people are more aware and informed.

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