Sibling Interaction (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky



Our zoo is right down the street from our home.  Being so close we try to visit the animals at least once a month. I love this photo of my two little ones watching the Florida Panther through the exhibit.  My son is showing is baby sister where to look.  I love moments like this where I stand back and watch them interact with each other, so precious! 

Zoo Florida Panther


I know I am sentimental but do you stand back and watch your kids interact with each other? Makes me so happy that my kids have each other, I could not stand being the only child. 


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  1. We had 3 singles and then twins. The thing I loved most about them was that their interaction with each other. From birth they have been best friends and when they were young they didn’t know to keep secrets from me so they talked about everything and I soaked it all up. It was delicious. Enjoy your little ones!

  2. There is nothing better than siblings that are close and watch out for each other, those are our children’s first friends really. What fun to go to the Zoo often!!

    Have a great week!

  3. Aww lovely picture 🙂 I was a only child, maybe why I had 4 children ..

    Thanks for hosting..

  4. So cool to have a siblings outing. The girls really must have enjoyed themselves at the zoo.

  5. I also give my son space when he is with his friends. I love seeing kids talk to each other. Probably talking about the most mundane topics but when you see their seriousness its just priceless!

  6. Yes, I love kid watching. As a classroom teacher, I took pride in watching kids investigate and learn, which gets harder with each generation as adults try so hard to keep their children entertained.

  7. I plan to have second children to have more opportunities like this. I love seeing my toddler daughter playing with her siblings or explore here and there in botanical garden. Precious moments.

  8. My kids are in their teens or older. I do like watching them interact together now. As well as when they were younger.

  9. Tara Gauthier says:

    I love seeing my kids interact, at ages of 7 and almost 14 it’s very nice to see those moments when they connect with each other over something common and spend time together!

  10. Ah yes, moments like these are terrific. My two were close like that when they were young and they still are now. I love it. Terrific capture.


  11. Great picture! Yes, I love watching & listening to my kids interact, as long as they aren’t fighting & arguing!!

  12. I used to take mine to the zoo a lot too. Now they seem too old for it!

  13. What a darling picture of your littles. How fun to sit back and watch them interact and learn how to love on someone else. Thank you for sharing with us at Sitting Among Friends and for hosting this link party.

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