How To Plan A Baby Shower (Party Tips)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HotRef Baby Shower Ideas for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Having a baby is a super exciting time in a woman’s life.  I have been blessed to have 5 baby’s and now baby 6 due in a few months. Many have the misconception that the more children a woman has a baby shower is not needed but I disagree. EVERY baby should be celebrated! Thankfully with all my pregnancies I have had someone give me a baby shower. 

Baby Shower

I know planning for a baby shower can be lots of work but it is very rewarding. can help with the planning! It is all about the details when planning a baby shower such as food, decoration and prizes.



Planning List – I am big on making lists.  Where will the party be?  What is your budget?  Who will you invite?  So much to plan that a list will keep you organized! 


Food –  I find that finger foods and appetizers work best for baby showers. Let’s face it woman like to get together and talk and this type of food makes it easier to eat when trying to mingle. 


Decorations –  Make the party place festive. offers a full line of decorations including themed items to personalized items to make that special day perfect! 


Party favors and gifts – Who does not like getting party favors at a party? has gifts that every woman will love such as candles, key chains, picture frames and more! You can even keep with your theme when giving a party gift too so that your guest will never forget the theme during a momentous occasion! 


Not only can be your one stop party place for planning a baby shower but they can help with wedding showers,  anniversary parties and business events. Have you planned a baby shower and if so what party planning tips do you have to share? 


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HotRef Baby Shower Ideas. All opinions are 100% mine.  Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.   

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for my sister to get pregnant so that I can plan one for her. She sure is taking her time 🙁

  2. Most of my friends and family are past the point of baby, I still love these tips and maybe sometime in the future with somebody else I’ll do a baby shower.

  3. Aw I have never been to a baby shower but I am holding out for the day where I get to go to one!

  4. I have never planned a shower. One day I will for my daughter when she has kids.

  5. Baby showers are so much fun to attend it’s the planning that’s the challenge. It’s good to know there is someplace to go for help.

  6. I miss the days of planning my baby shower. I remember buying little prizes for the games we played. That was 9 years ago!

  7. I love planning out baby showers. I did one for when I had both of my daughters. They’re so much fun to do too!

  8. Congratulations on baby number six!! I really do agree each baby deserves their own celebration, I love the diaper parties for baby showers too.

  9. My daughter’s baby shower is this weekend! Her best friend is hosting it, but her apartment is too small to have it so she is having it at my house. I have picked up a few cute decorations to add to the theme.

  10. Every baby should be celebrated. Congrats on the upcoming birth of your sixth child. What an exciting time. I would love to plan a baby shower.

  11. My favorite part of baby showers is the games and food! There are always delicious little treats and fun baby-related games to play!

  12. If my daughter should have another child, I will be using some of these tips to plan her shower!

  13. This is perfect timing for this post. My friend is expecting and i am going to be planning the baby shower. I will have to try these tips.

  14. Lisa Bristol says:

    These are great tips for planning a baby shower. I think every pregnancy should be celebrated.

  15. I also planned my own baby shower, tiring yet full of fun!

  16. I go to baby showers mainly for the creative items. I once saw pink mini cakes in the form of a baby shoe. So creative. You offer great tips in this post

  17. Baby showers are so much fun! I’m always happy to introduce a new mom into the world!

  18. i haven’t reached the baby shower stage with myself or any of my friends but i know that time is just around the corner. the decorations in the picture are so cute

  19. I am with you! I don’t need baby clothes or presents but I would love to celebrate my sweet baby that is coming! I adore planning parties, the food is my favorite part!

  20. I liked the gold theme you had there, very classy!

  21. Lexie Lane says:

    Wow! Great idea and tips. So exciting! I will share this to a friend.

  22. Elizabeth O. says:

    I have never, ever, in my whole life planned a baby shower. It would be nice to learn how to, because you’ll never know when a new blessing would come in the family. Thank you for tips! Organization is key!

  23. This is the perfect list especially for those who are clueless

  24. I’ve never heard of before, seems like a great place for planning a baby shower! I’ll tell about it to my friend, she have a baby 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  25. I don’t know anyone that is planning on having a little one anytime soon but this is great for those needing to plan!

  26. Great suggestions! Planning a baby shower isn’t always an easy task but every baby deserves one and as moms we got provide one kick ass party

  27. These are great tips. I’ve never planned a baby shower party before. I will bookmark this for future reference.

  28. Great tips thanks for sharing!

  29. These are great tips! I haven’t been to a baby shower in a long time! They’re so much fun

  30. My sister planned our sister’s shower and for one of the games the guests had to make a baby from Play-Doh. So fun! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  31. Baby showers seem to be becoming more and more popular here in the UK We never use to do anything like this but since my sister had her little girl (two years ago) I seem to be hearing about more and more taking place.

  32. I’m at the age where all of my friends and family are starting to have babies so this is a very welcome post! I have a feeling I will be planning a baby shower to two in the near future 😉

  33. Ironically I am the friend with no kids but stay planning someones baby shower. I love the decor and having a theme so I will check out that sight you suggested for my next planning!

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