5 Things to Never Say To A Pregnant Woman

It amazes me the things that come out of peoples mouth! Sometimes people have no filter. Many things should go unsaid! The things people have said to me during this pregnancy have literally made my jaw drop! 


pregnant never say


It’s OK to eat as much as you want, you are eating for two. Now to a pregnant woman this may sound like great advice especially with a plate of food in front of you but realistically it’s not healthy to use that as an excuse to eat more. 


Are you going to have more children after this baby? Are you done having children?  Yes this will be our 6th baby but why is it anyone’s business how many The Good Lord blesses us with?  I know a mom who just had her 7th baby and during her pregnancy she prayed for the 8th pregnancy. Why do there have to be limitations and who is anyone to judge?


Maybe you should think about birth control after this pregnancy. Are you getting your tubes tied? Birth control is a private thing.  I have had family members ask if I have a plan for birth control in the future, honestly it is none of anyone’s business and the whole topic makes me very uncomfortable. 


Be mindful about one’s weight when pregnant, not all woman start off their pregnancy small. I was in Costco recently and this big muscular man handed me a brochure that said Belly Fat Flush Plush + in big bold fonts on it. I glanced at it and told the man, I know I am not tiny, I have had 5 children and now pregnant with the 6th. Maybe I would consider this program after the baby is born. I am not sure how anyone could mistake my 5 month (at the time) pregnant tummy for just a fat tummy. The man did not feel bad at all, he told me to hold onto the brochure. I felt belittled.


Avoid any conversation about miscarriage, stillborn or any other infancy loss. I have had 2 miscarriages in the last 10 years, those loses were one of the most difficult times in my life, it is something you never get over. Most pregnant woman want to enjoy their pregnancy and bringing up this topic can take joy away and make a woman feel anxious. 


Keep in mind pregnant woman are on a hormonal roller coaster. Be sensitive and supportive! 


What crazy thing has someone said to you when  you were pregnant that got under your skin?


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I agree with everything you said, but what bothered me even more than that was both times I was pregnant people thought it was ok to touch my tummy. I spent more time swatting people’s hands away and yelling at them for invading my space than I care to remember.

  2. I have heard it all! I’m a mom to 4 and even though I don’t think that’s a big number there are a lot of people who apparently do. I have been asked in the past if they are all mine (no lady, I collect kids just for fun.) and I have been told that there was a “cure” for that..umm really? UGH!! Sometimes people need to stay out of it!

  3. Sometimes I wonder about people and what they think sometimes. The thing that disturbs me the most is that it is the older population that seems to have no filter these days!

  4. I was lucky to be pregnant twice and to birth one child and yes all this is things we don’t want to hear. I also didn’t like having strangers touch my tummy without asking, it was like they were touching my child without permission.

  5. Always be supportive of a pregnant woman! The hormonal roller coaster is hard enough on us, but you might get run over! =D

  6. Oh boy are you correct about these! The worst is “Are you expecting twins?” when you are not!

  7. HAHA…this is so correct. My daughter hated people touching her tummy…drove her up the wall. It’s funny (well not really) things people say.

  8. It is crazy some of the things people feel are okay to say to a pregnant woman. This i s a great post. I will have to share it with a friend of mine that is expecting.

  9. Pregnancy is such a gift and I’m not understanding those who don’t get that. I’ve never been pregnant or had my own children. I get comments like “Why did you never have children?” and it gets worse. I would have loved to have had children…Honestly, people have no boundaries in either case.

  10. I always think it’s crazy when people tried to touch my belly. I had someone ask me when I was due a few weeks after I had my second baby.

  11. You are so right about these! The wot is “Are you expecting twins?” Even worse, I asked somebody once: how far along are you? She said, I’m not pregnant! I wanted to hide sooo bad! Never again! Loved your post!

    • Someone asked me if I was pregnant many years ago before we even were pregnant with our 1st I felt awful so I too steer away from asking anyone if they are pregnant unless it’s very obvious!

  12. I have never been pregnant but I don’t understand some people. Where is the human common sense these days?

  13. I’m pregnant with my 8th and i’m just tired of all the nasty comments. Most of the things people ask are so personal and none of their business. I’ve been asked about carrying twins several times, but mostly when I was carrying twins so that wasn’t a big deal to me. I’ve told people a simple congratulations would be just fine when some of them start.

  14. It is really frustrating when people would try to pry into your private life. More people should read this blog.

    • I agree Miles. Frustrates me the most at my family prying into our business. The funny thing is we do not ask them for anything, not even to babysit any of our kids!

  15. I had six children, and was getting pretty tired of hearing my family complain that there were already too many people in the world. I even had one neighbor tell me to stop swallowing beach balls.

    I love how you are having a large family, and how open you are to God’s graces. God bless you, your family, and your upcoming little one.

  16. I have been asked if I plan on having any more after having my 4th. I really don’t know why it’s anyone’s business at all how much kids you have.

  17. This is a sensitive topic for sure.
    Thank you for the helpful advice.

  18. These things always amaze me. I’m the oldest of 9 kids and the comments even I received about my parents were ridiculous and hurtful. I was a freshmen in college when the last one was born, and when I told my college roommate the exciting news that my mom was expecting. She told me I should sit my parents down and introduce them to birth control. I was so offended. I can even remember being little and the woman ringing us out at the grocery store told my mom that 5 was quiet enough and she should learn to control herself. People have no filter. – Katy

  19. Ashley Sparks Mullins says:

    No kids for me, but I would never say any of these things to a pregnant woman. SO RUDE! My BFF is pregnant and she gets asked those things all the time.

  20. Some people are just insensitive. I also hated it when people touched my tummy.

  21. Yup. I love when people make comments it usually gives me an excuse to say things I otherwise wouldn’t say. LOL. I never say anything to a preggo woman, I know better!

  22. Pregnancy is such a sensitive & emotional period for any women & few words said can have a different impact on them. It is always good to keep them motivated with nice words or better stay away rather than pulling them the wrong way.

  23. Everyone has these experiences and it can be crazy. I have had things said to me and then returned with things that were equally as bad. Like one lady told me that I hardly look pregnant when I was 6 months along – and I returned with “well it’s better to be pregnant and look fat, then be fat and look pregnant!” and that probably wasn’t good lol but it about summed up how I felt about people telling me that.

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