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Mama to 5 Blessings  wrote this post on the behalf of Leapfrog.  I received product in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.


I have always been a huge fan of the Leapfrog products since I purchased our first product over ten years ago when our first child was born. We have many of their products and what is great is that they offer a wide age range so from little ones to older kids can play, learn and be entertained! 


Leapfrog has recently come out with two new amazing products for toddlers; Number Lovin’ Oven which is right up my little ones alley. She loves to play kitchen so to incorporate play food is definitely entertaining.  Not only can she pretend like she is frying an egg in the skillet. baking bread, a pizza or cupcakes but she can serve food onto plates with the spatula! 


The Number Lovin’ Oven is very interactive with features with sound effects like an egg sizzling or the timer on the oven.  Little ones can learn their numbers 1-5 as they move the number slider to explore numbers, time and temperature. For more math they can close the oven to explore numbers and counting. 


Not only will toddlers learn their numbers and counting but they will learn vocabulary skills as well.  Plus press the chef’s hat for learning songs, or listen and learn along to fun phrases.  For additional math the pizza and bread snaps apart into 2, 3 or 4 equal pieces.  When kids are all done all the accessories easily store inside the oven so nothing goes missing. 


Another great LeapFrog toy that is perfect for little hands is the Scout’s Build and Discover Tool Set.  Tots can count, measure, match colors and use 5 handy tools to build Scout a house. Take it apart and build it again! The Scout Build and Discover Tool Set sides come apart so that children can build from the ground up: putting the walls and adding the roof for floor-to-ceiling fun. 


This pretend play offers a great opportunity for dexterity too while tightening the screws, hammering the nail, sawing the wood and loosing the screw with the wrench.  All the pieces are chunky and just the right size for little hands. If toddlers are unsure which tool goes with what they can simply match colors to find the right tool for each job. Use the red wrench on the red bolt, and so on.  Houses all 5 tools so that kids can learn and build on the go! 


The Leapfrog Number Lovin’ Oven is available for $24.99 and the Scout’s Build and Discover Tool Set for $19.99.  Both of these educational products are a great addition to your little ones Christmas list! 

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Mama to 5 Blessings  wrote this post on the behalf of Leapfrog.  I received product in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.  Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.      – 

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That Number Lovin’ Oven is so cute. I want to get one for my nieces 🙂

  2. The oven set looks fantastic. The twins will have so much fun with this.

  3. We love LeapFrog in our house! They make the best Christmas gifts for sure!

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    My son would have loved the tool set. These toys look so durable.

  5. I love Leap Frog products and these are no exception. They just produce a quality educational product.

  6. My daughter would love the Build and Discover Tool Set! It’s on the top of her wishlist! lol

  7. The tool set would be such a hit with my son! The Number Lovin’ Oven would too, actually. I think he’d love to learn about counting with pizza slices.

  8. I LOVE Leap Frog toys. These toys are long lasting and kids love them. We have Leap Frog toys that have been carried down from kid to kid to kid.

  9. Leapfrog makes such great toys for kids. They’re all so educational but fun enough the kids don’t realize they are learning.

  10. Leapfrog makes so many FUN toys that are great for learning too. I love that oven!! They put a lot of activity into a small space.

  11. I have always loved Leapfrog toys for the kids. They are fun and educational both!

  12. Oh, I just adore Leapfrog toys! These would be just perfect for my little niece! They are always on my list to buy as gifts!

  13. We are HUGE leapfrog fans! All of my kids have enjoyed leapfrog activities over the years. They are the perfect shower gifts too.

  14. This looks like such a fun toy. My son would have loved this when we was younger.

  15. These educational toys look like so much fun. I think that Number Lovin’ Oven would be a blast for the little ones.

  16. That’s adorable. I love that little oven. What a cute toy!

  17. my kids loved all their leap frog themed toys when they were little. So many new items now.

  18. My little guy would love that Number Lovin’ Oven! I love giving to Toys for Tots. It’s so great to remember those who need a little assistance at the holidays!

  19. Leapfrog has the best toys-our friends’ kiddos love them. Great way to transition into tougher learning/building tools for kids!

  20. Catherine S says:

    These both look like great gift ideas for little ones. The Scout’s Build and Discovered Tool Set would be perfect for my nephew.

  21. These are some great educational toys.
    You also have a nice bunch of pictures here!

  22. That looks like such an awesome toy. My niece would love this!

  23. I love these toys. LeapFrog has such fantastic toys for learning and fun.

  24. I love LeapFrog toys. They are cute, adorable and educational too. These are a perfect gift for the little ones.

  25. LeapFrog toys are perfect for Christmas gifts. My daughter had some when she was little and loved them.

  26. I love that Leap Frog is always evolving. They have so many cool options that just weren’t there when my kids were little.

  27. I want to get these for my little ones this year, oh the memories I am having of when I was a kid and we had similar toys like this.

  28. LeapFrog makes the best toys. I have never had one of their toys I did not like.

  29. I’ve loved LeapFrog forever. I didn’t know they made toys like these though, very cool!

  30. These are great toys. I love that LeapFrog is making so many different types of learning toys. There’s something for every kid.

  31. This all look really awesome. I got my 2 year old a leap frog toy (I wrapped it so I haven’t a clue what it is now! lol) and I’m going to be looking for a few more. I love the tool set!

  32. Ok I want to play with that oven! Seriously looks so adorable and what great learning toys

  33. The Number Lovin’ Oven would be a perfect gift for my friends little ones. LeapFrog make such great toys for kids to learn as they play.

  34. I love Learpfrog! It’s an awesome brand, always things for the kids to do and I love that a lot of their things can grow along with the kids, like he new pads, you can use them for years!

  35. My kids love LeapFrog products! They alway have a lot of fun while learning so much!

  36. We have these and my 20 month old loves both. He is always cooking and bringing me plates of pizza or cupcakes. They are super cute and fun for him

  37. I love toys that encourage pretend play and creativity. These look like so much fun for toddlers.

  38. Leapfrog toys are the best! I love how unique and educational they are. These look really fun to play with!

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