Kids Homemade Make And Toss Minion Cups

Everywhere I look lately are Minions! The stores, television and now in my home!  We went to a birthday party recently where the birthday child is enjoying Minions  like my children.  Naturally all the party decorations were Minions.  The kids got to design their own Minions cups. It was a really nice cute little craft that the kids really seemed to enjoy making. They like it so much that none of them wanted to throw their cups away when they were done! 

minion cups



Solid Yellow Cups (ours are paper)

Sharpie Marker


Give the kids a solid yellow cup and a black Sharpie and let them design their own Minion cups. There were able to look at the other party decorations so they could see the characters if they wanted to make them exact. Some made the character very similar to the actual one’s in the movies while others were creative and designed their own Minions! Plus kids could recognize their own creations so their drinks did not get mixed up with other kids cups! 

minion cup design


What do it yourself party decorations have you made? 

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  1. My kids want to see this movie -so cute!!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We just saw this movie at the drive-in the other day, so our love of the minions has been renewed. How fun is this?

  3. Yes, you are right, the Minions are everywhere. My sons loved going to see the movie this summer.

  4. My boys are obsessed with minions. What a cute way to personalize a minion party.

  5. Okay that looks fun. I want to make these just for the fun and enjoyment.

  6. That’s a cute idea. We’re huge Minion fans here!

  7. I have to admit I do love the minions – what a great way to get creative with them 🙂 x

  8. We haven’t seen the movie, yet. I promised the kids that we will watch it this weekend.

  9. Haha so cute! Using yellow cups to make Minions is such a great idea!

  10. That will work well around here. Not only do we love all things Minions, but we seem to go through plenty of cups during these long pool days.

  11. What a cute game! I’ve got to make this with the kids. They love doing crafts with mom.

  12. These are cute. Since everyone’s Minion will be different it will be easy to keep track of whose cup is whose.

  13. How fun! Minions are super popular in my house right now. My almost 2 year old is obsessed with minions and freaks out when he sees them. This would be fun!

  14. The cups are adorable. I bet the kids had a fun time making them!

  15. How Adorable Is This Need To Make With The Kids Look Like Lots Of Fun & Keep The Kids Busy For A While!! Thank You!

  16. Perfect idea for a minions party. I think this is a great theme!

  17. Catherine S says:

    I love the Minions cups that is such a great idea. We usually buy all of our party supplies.

  18. I am going to assume that the kids are going back to school all dressed in Minions were last year they did frozen.
    We saw the Minions movie and everyone here loved it especially Bella she was laughing through the entire movie.
    I would imagine Bella would have made her own character cup so that it does not get mixed in with the others.

  19. Debbie Denny says:

    That is a good idea. Great to make and have a bit of fun.

  20. Now that is really a cute inexpensive way to decorate and do a craft around the whole Minion thing. I love that and everyone can get in on that action.

  21. My kids tend to pick off-the-wall themes so I am always DIY’ing their decorations. The latest one was a money tree for a money themed party.

  22. What a cute idea. My kids saw the Minions movie and loved it!

  23. what a fun way to make some quick party cups. I like that they can design their own minions.

  24. how super cute love that it is this easy

  25. Very cute idea, I will use in my classes!

  26. Those minions are literally everywhere! I like how quick and easy this project is and not to mention “budget friendly”

  27. These are too cute. My kids love the minions. They’d love to do this.

  28. I admit I have not seen any Minions movies but this craft project is adorable.

  29. Easy to make party cups! Minions are cute and they are definitely the fad among kids nowadays. Thanks for sharing this DIY party idea.

  30. What a cute idea and it so easy to have kids do ! WE are Minion lovers in this house and will be putting this to use here soon! Thanks

  31. What a cute idea! My kids love the Minions–heck, all kids love the Minions!! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Oh this would be great. Sharpies terrify me with little ones but what a great party idea

  33. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This is such an easy and great idea. I will have to make some for my friends little girls. They will be so surprised when they come over.

  34. These are really cute. The kids would have lots of fun making their own cups.

  35. This is so simple, yet so cute. We love Minions! Sounds like a fun idea to use in place of simply writing names on the cups!

  36. What an adorable Idea!!!! Love it!

  37. haha I love the minions. My kids end up picking two or four different themes so I try to mesh them together…doesn’t always work

  38. This is so cute. I love those little minions. I think any kid would have a good time making them.

  39. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says:

    The Minions have invaded everywhere, lol! My son wants a Minions party this year, I should do this!

  40. That is such a cute idea! We haven’t seen the movie but our church has used minions quite a bit in the kids’ ministry so my two always point them out when they see them. lol

  41. Julie Lundstrom says:

    My kids love the Minions. This would be a fun game to make and it looks easy to make.

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