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Normally when I am sick I just stick it out in hopes that eventually with time I will get better. Taking all 5 kids with me to the doctors is not something that I like to do, it is very stressful. Especially if I am not feeling well.  It would be ideal if a there was a service where busy moms could see a doctor from the comfort of their own home.  What if I were to tell you there is a service!  No I am not joking, there really is!


American Well makes it easy to talk to a U.S. trained and board certified physicians without having to leave your home or on the go with the new app. You can connect with physicians in your area on live video on your smartphone or from your computer.


amwell day or night


Plus it’s so easy to use!


First sign up on your computer or mobile phone.  The app is available on Apple IOS and/or the Google Play Store. When your account is created, the information is safely stored for future visits. 


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Next choose a physician in your area. The listing of doctors will show the physicians background. This process makes it easier to chose which doctor works well for you.



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Finally once you find a doctor of your choice then it’s time to go live for your visit. 


I found the whole process very easy and convenient. When you’re not feeling well who wants to sit in a doctors office waiting room to be seen by the doctor? Then there are times when you or someone in your family needs medical attention after doctor hours, there is no need to wait for the next day to seek help when Amwell is available 24/7. This service is typically available for $49.00 but for a limited time Amwell is offering a $9.00 discount using discount code LOVEAMWELL40


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“This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.”   Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.    


  1. Been hearing a LOT about this lately. So handy for those of us that aren’t living next door to a hospital or doctor!

  2. This is so cool. My son seems to get sick when it is the middle of the night. It’s nice to have such easy 24 hour coverage!

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    Amwell sounds like a great service. It’s nice to know that your questions will be answered right away by a medical professional.

  4. I hate waiting in line for too long at doctors’ offices. I also hate that you all have to wait for the doctor for hours before he arrives. It’s nice that Amwell gives you the answers you need right away. I will check this out.

  5. This is such an convenient service. I’ve found that these doctors work just as well as going in for a visit!

  6. I have to check into this app since I hate driving. IT would be so convinient to be able to cosult a doctor through an app in your phone.

  7. Now that is one fantastic service- how great to know there is someone there whatever the time of day.

  8. This looks like it would be so convenient for when your doctor is out or if you’re out of town. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this.

  9. I could have used this when I was sick last week! It would have saved me HOURS sitting in the waiting room! It’s about time that someone created a service like this!

  10. This is such peace of mind when traveling. I always worry about what I’d do if someone got sick when away from home. This is great!

  11. I downloaded the amwell app last week just to check it out. I think it’s great for those situations whe traveling to a doctors office is not ideal. It also sounds like this is the wave of the future in the medical field.

  12. I’m on my way to check this app out. As a mother with multiple medical issues and having a daughter with multiple medical issues it’s good to see a service like this exist.

  13. This sounds like an amazing service! With out travel schedule it can be hard to get into doctors when we are sick.

  14. it is nice to know there is an option or alternative in case someone really gets sick and needs to see a doctor right away! While the service would not be for me, I can see how it would benefits friends who seemingly have sick children all the time!

  15. Important reference indeed… Some convenience that will help in times of need, especially if we’re quite far feom the hospital or clinic

  16. This is really great for when we are travelling on the road. When you aren’t in a familiar place you never know where to go, and now we don’t have to go anywhere. We can visit the doc in the car or hotel room and for just $49. Excellent!

    • That’s what I’m thinking too. Before going to the expense of an emergency room visit, checking with a doctor online for a very reasonable price is the way to go.

  17. Awesome! I’ve heard a lot about this but haven’t had the chance to try it. Seems way more convenient than going to the doctor’s office.

  18. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg this service sounds pretty amazing! Livin in NY we have some rough winters. This would be pretty handy then!

  19. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    5 kids to the doctors? Yep been there. Not fun at all! I’m definitely checking this out.

  20. This is one great convenience, especially when you are living quite a long distance in the nearest hospital.

  21. Such a great App to have available and access to, it makes things so much easier and more convenient for busy people

  22. This truly would be a life saver when my doctor is not in his office because it is the middle of the night. But that seems to be the time you need your doctor the most—when he/she is unreachable! This sounds like a great service.

  23. This certainly is a very convenient service. I love the idea of having access to a doctor whenever we need one.

  24. Jennifer Williams says:

    This is definitely convenient, wonder how it works with insurance though. I know I have many times put off going to the doctor because I simply could not get there with the kids.

  25. Having four kids myself all I often need is the professional to tell me everything is alright. This would be great to use when needed.

  26. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I hate going to the doctors so this would be helpful! I wonder how they run tests though if needed?

  27. I love this idea. I would love a service like this. I for one can’t always make it to the doctors, and with 6 kids in a waiting room with other sick people. Isn’t ideal! This is awesome.

  28. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I love the idea of not having to go to the doctors office. It is so convenient for so many. This would be good while traveling for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  29. This is such a neat service to have available to people and parents, honestly! I am so excited about having such an option when I need a doctor!

  30. I absolutely LOVE this service. It is so easy to use and available wherever you are! Good options and affordable.

  31. I love it because it’s so easy to use and they work great!

  32. This is so handy for those of us that don’t live next door to their doctor or a hospital. Plus imagine all the drive time it will save!

  33. Wow, this is such a great idea. You just never know when you will need a doctor, or even just have a question.

  34. What a great idea, sometimes you aren’t well enough to go out and see a doctor. Great service!

  35. This is a great idea. I have run into situations in the past where this would have really been easier than totting kids across town when they are feeling bad.

  36. I’ve seen a few of these pop up now. While I like the accessibility part, I feel like it would be incredibly easy for a misdiagnosis to happen. I would probably wait for more people to test it before I would trust it. It really intrigues me.

  37. this is such a great service I’ve been hearing so much about it I can see how I can come in very handy

  38. I love that there’s so much access to doctors these days! Quick, reliable medical advice is such an important thing to be able to get!

  39. I hate dragging the kids into the drs office!! It seems they always get something worse then we went in with! This sounds like an amazing app!

  40. Would this work for the Canada as well? We have unusual long wait times as well when we can not see our own family doctors.
    I really do like this app and I hope that they bring something like this to us Canadian’s as well.

  41. Could have used these this weekend, both sick and had to go Emergency room…will have to check this out!

  42. I have been reading a lot about this lately! So clever and convenient for those of us that aren’t located very close to a hospital or doctor!

  43. I think Amwell is providing a very convenient service specially for those who can leave their homes. They can easily go online and consult their doctors.

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