Gearing Up For Skylanders Day At Gamestop

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My oldest son was the first Skylanders fan in our home and then his two younger brothers followed suit. Ever since my four year old set his eyes on Skylanders he was hooked.  He definitely treasures the time he gets to play Skylanders with his big brothers.   

skylanders luke play

My boys enjoy Skylanders because they like to collect the coins that allow them to gain powers through the characters.  Plus characters have their own powers such as teleporting and gingo underground to tag other characters. Some of their favorite characters are Trigger Happy who unleashes endless barrages of the coins from his sidearms and enemies are rendered helpless. Then there is Terrafin who has a vast array of fighting skills, especially in close combat, where he makes the most of his quickness. He can also burrow underground, then surprises his opponents by literally propelling himself into the air before delivering a crushing belly flop, ending the skirmish. 

skylanders luke

Our favorite place to get all of our video games and accessories is Gamestop. My boys save their allowance for weeks on end, sometimes even putting their money together with going to Gamestop in mind where they seek their next video game adventure. They are super excited that this Saturday, June 27th is Skylanders Day at Gamestops across the country! 

skylander day

This event will have some amazing offers such as buy one get one free characters. If you preorder the Skylanders Superchargers you receive a free Tech Trap with Steampunk Shrednaught captured inside as well as a free Skylanders Superchargers poster!  Sounds like a great deal right! It is only offered for this one day so do not miss out! 


What are your kids favorite Skylanders characters? Will you be attending the Gampestop one day event? Follow Gamestop on Facebook for future promotions and events.


 “This is a sponsored post program with Mums the Word Network and Skylanders. All opinions are my own”  Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.    


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    How exciting. My boys love the Skylanders! They play all the time.

  2. I have been hearing such much about Skylanders. I may have to check into it for my boys.

  3. My son hasn’t gotten into Skylanders (yet!) This sounds like a fun event tomorrow!

  4. We went to one a year or so ago and stocked up at that time. They had free posters they were handing out and they’ll still hanging in the girls’ rooms!

    • If you look by my son’s t.v. he has a bunch of the characters too but I am sure it will not stop my boys from wanting to go tomorrow!

  5. Skylanders is the best game ever made. I know it’s geared towards kids, but I really love the game. These new characters are cool!

  6. This sounds like a great game! My son would have loved it when he was younger!

  7. We love Skylanders, I got a good deal last year and my boys love to play. I may have to surprise them tomorrow with a GameStop trip.

  8. This sounds like a fun game for the kids! Maybe my daughters would like playing it

  9. My boys love this game and I had no idea that Skylanders day was coming up! I’ll have to take the kids to check it out!

  10. I always thought it was cool how they could pick out physical characters and use them in the game. The deals sound great so you’ll have to make sure to get to Gamestop early so they can get their first picks!

  11. So cute! My kiddos aren’t into Skylanders. I’m not sure they even know about them, so I am thinking I will have to see if we can check them out!

  12. Oh boy! My son LOVES Skylanders. They are pretty cool toys, I must admit.

  13. Those are some hot deals from Gamestop!! My nephews love to go look at video games there!

  14. We are stopping in tomorrow at Game Stop! My son has been wanting to get more Trapmasters and that is a killer price!

  15. Sounds like a great event. I will have to tell my son about the amazing offers.

  16. I did notice the GameStop email and was debating if I wanted to mention it to my son or not. We have Skylanders all over the place, my daughter will even play with them like action figures. It is a cool game.

    • Shauna,

      Go with them let them have fun, go without them and stock up for Christmas or their birthday’s – they are buy one get one free! Great saving! 🙂

  17. Sunny M says:

    My boys aren’t into Skylanders yet, but I assume it’s not very far off in the distance. We do love Gamestop though… lots of great prices on games for the Wii!

  18. This sounds like a fun game to play. I think I know a couple of “big” boys who could really get into this. I’ll be sure to tell them about this great deal.

  19. My son loves playing Skylanders – he’s obsessed with them.. This is a great deal, I guess we’ll be hitting GameStop this weekend.

  20. Catherine S says:

    It looks like I will be going to Gamestop tomorrow. I think I like Skylanders more than my son.

  21. I’ve never heard of this game but not too surprising since I don’t have children. But it does make me think about the games we use to play as children. None as advanced as this, but all still fun.

  22. My 10 year old loves Skylanders. Got to love sales and Gamestop.

  23. What a cute little kid! Sounds like such a fun game.

  24. My kids never got into skylanders. I think they are so cool though.

  25. Sounds like Skylanders Day will be amazing tomorrow!

  26. My sons are grown but I have a couple of young nephews who love the Skylanders. I will have to ask them if they are aware pf Skylanders Day at Gamestop. Sounds like something they would want to know about.

  27. I am very embarrassed to say my boys had a hard time sharing when it came to video games. And they just wouldn’t share. Although now games allow multiple players in the game. They almost always bought their games at Gamestop.

  28. I’ve never heard of Skylanders. Pretty cool that GameStop is offering a great deal for the games.

  29. We love Skylanders. My kids would play all day if I let them.

  30. I did not know about the event but my son would love it! We have had a Gamestop card for years and Skylanders is a hit in our house, too. Thanks for sharing the event!

  31. My son is super into video games and I am sure he would fall in love with Skylanders as well. Gamestop has some unbeatable deals too.

  32. Oh my gosh my kids LOVE SKYLANDERS! Drives me nuts because I bought them that dang infinity thing and they hate it. LOL

  33. I’ll have to take my son to Gamestop for this! He loves skylanders!

  34. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    These are amazing deals. My friends has a little one that loves Skylanders and he has a birthday coming up. Buy one get one free will be perfect.

  35. My kids are not into video games, thank goodness. But I’m sure kids that do will love this.

  36. Sounds like an awesome event! I’ll have to let my son know about it!

  37. Game Stop is our fave too. My son just started to like Skylanders recently.

  38. Kids have such interactive entertainment options these days! Looks like yours really enjoys it!

  39. Can I just say your son has awesome hair! We also love Game Stop and buy games there all the time. Have funw ith your Skylander game!!

  40. My son is just getting into video games. He’d love this.

  41. we live out west, so never have seen a Skylanders but i know it looks like fun for any kids, large or small LOL

  42. I have no idea what Skylanders are, but this sounds like a great event! Your kiddo for sure will be thrilled!

  43. My kids are great fan of Skylanders. This sounds like a wonderful game for kids. These toys looks very pretty and your son too looks cute.

  44. Fariha N. says:

    My nephews love Skylanders. I think this game would be a great gift for them. I would be the coolest auntie!

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