Fit Made Fun With Leap Frog Leap Band & Clif Kid ZBar #FitMadeFun

Disclosure:  Mama to 5 Blessings received Leap Frog Leap Bands and Clif Kids products in order to facilitate a MommyParty via Mom Select.  No other compensation was received in exchange for this publication.  All opinions expressed are true and my own.


After having our first child I could not shed the pounds off I had gained during the pregnancy and now fast forwarding four more kids later I struggle with the weight.  I try to instill in my children healthy habits. From eating healthy snacks and exercise. My boys are very active in sports throughout the year but there are days where they do not have practice so those are the days we supplement activity. Whether it be riding bikes, talking walks or even playing at the park.


leap band, leap frog


 Leap Frog has recently come out with a great product; Leap Band that encourages movement which is wonderful exercise for children. Not only will it get kids moving but it produces healthy habits with a customizable pet pal!  This brightly colored wristband allows children to track their movement, play audio challenges and win points!  Plus children can customize and play choosing a pet and a name for their pet.  Learn healthy habits by feeding their pal healthy snacks as well as learning fun nutrition fun facts.


These days kids seem to be so electronically intelligent making the Leap Band so easy for them to use.  The Leap Band gives audio instructions as well which is perfect for the littler ones helping them to follow directions.  I found the parental controls simple to use as well. This feature allows me to set school and quite modes so that my kids et pal knows they are not available.  Then there is the water resistant and rechargeable battery features too!


 leap band


The best thing about the Leap Band is that kids do not even realize that they are exercising or getting active because they think they are playing a game!  My kids like wearing watches so this is the perfect solution to get to wear all the time.  So it was time to see if other children enjoyed the Leap Band as much as my children did by having a Fit Made Fun Party.  The kids took turn wearing the Leap Band. They ran around, played soccer and leap frog! 


leap band leap frog


They had worked up an appetite so the kids had a snack and got refueled with the Clif Kids Z Bars.  These delicious organic baked whole grain snack are made with a nutritious blend of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and fat giving kids’ energy! Kids do not even know how good this snack is for them because they are do caught up in how good they taste!  i would say the Leap Band was a hit!


The Leap Band comes in three colors;  green, blue and pink.  Suggested for ages 4 to 7 years. The Leap Band can easily be purchased directly from Leap Frog for $39.99. What a great item to your child’s Christmas list, right?  


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Disclosure:  Mama to 5 Blessings received Leap Frog Leap Bands and Clif Kids products in order to facilitate a MommyParty via Mom Select.  No other compensation was received in exchange for this publication.  All opinions expressed are true and my own. Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.   




  1. That leap band is super cool! My boys would love one each!!

  2. I think its cool that there is a watch the kids can wear and learn from. very nice job!

  3. Cute! My son would be really motivated by a Leap Band. He has a pedometer of mine that he gets such a kick out of.

  4. Melissa Smith says:

    My kids love Clif bars! But I’ll definitely have to get them Leap Bands. They would be perfect for when we’re cooped up in the house during the winter to make sure they’re getting enough activity.

  5. Oh my gosh what a GREAT idea! Our girls love to play but shut right down if they think it’s “work”, this way they’ll be moving and exercising without viewing it as work!

  6. This is a great ideas for a product, this would help kids understand just how much activity they need!

  7. The Leap Band looks so cool! My son is a little young for it, but he always notices my fit bit and asks about it so I’m sure he’d love this. We love the Clif ZBars…perfect for kids on the go.

  8. I love how the Leap Band encourages kids to move more! It’s like a fitness tracker for kids. And we love the Z-Bars, too! They’re always on our Costco shopping list.

  9. Oh how cute, I love to play leap frog with the kids. I’ve never seen a leap band before. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I know this would be a huge hit with my kids. One of my children needs a little more motivation to get up and get going. Having the Leap Frog Leap Band would be a fun way to encourage being active.

  11. Leapfrog has such great products! I always get them as birthday gifts and here is another!! Love it!

  12. I love anything that encourages my kids to be active! They love Leap Frog products so this would be perfect for them.

  13. Great idea! I’ll pass this along for my niece! Thanks

  14. My daughter wants one of these so bad. I am going to look at it for her birthday this winter!

  15. We had a Fit Made Fun party as well! It’s great to hear that the kids enjoyed the LeapBand!

  16. OH my goodness. How much fun is this! I would love H to have a product like that!

  17. Looks like so much fun! We have many Leap Frog products in our home. Great learning tools!

  18. We would to have a Leap Band! This looks really cool and fun for kids to use!

  19. These look like so much fun. Plus, it gets the kids active!

  20. I think that is so cute that the games encourage kids to be active. It’s so important to make sure kids these days get enough fitness activity. And this is another great way to ensure it happens in a fun way.

  21. I think that is so cute that the games encourage kids to be active. It’s so important to make sure kids these days get enough fitness activity. And this is another great way to ensure it happens in a fun way that kids will want to do.

  22. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My kids have asked me for these. I admit, they are really cool!

  23. What fun! Love that the game actually gets the kids up and moving!

  24. This is just the cutest thing ever… we actually picked this up at the store the other day and we were going to get it but I wanted to do my homework… this review really helps

  25. Love them all!

  26. Fun and a treat! What more would a kiddo want!

  27. I love this!! What a great way to encourage fitness and being active in kids!

  28. This sounds like such a great gift for Christmas time! I know a couple young kids that would love to get one of these.

  29. What an awesome way to get the kids up and moving. I am always looking for activities to get my kiddos moving and having fun at the same time.

  30. That leap band is awesome! great for kids and I’d like an adult version!

  31. That looks amazing. Really great product.

  32. Maria Oller says:

    Those Leap bands look fantastic, I know my sister was looking for them for her son, he is obsessed with all leap frog products

  33. I got review the leapbands too and my daughter and nephew loved them. They also love the clif bars. My favorite is the peanut butter.

  34. What a great idea. Kids spend too much time in front of the TV nowadays.

  35. The Leap Band and zbar is a great combo. Get them moving and get them eating healthy foods. Great!

  36. I so appreciate how this encourages our kids to move and be active! In a tech-saturated society, that’s important.

  37. I really love this Leap Band/zbar combo. With all the devices and video game consoles out there, it’s important to encourage movement in our kids. It’s also a great bonus if we can get them to eat healthy foods.

  38. This is a great way to keep kids active and healthy. In our high tech world, simple things like playing are starting to become a thing of the past.

  39. What a great way to get kids active. Children need to play and eat good food to stay healthy. If they had their way, though, they’d sit in front of an Xbox all day eating chips!

  40. Between smart phones, tablets, and game consoles, this is long overdue. I love this because it encourages kids to be active and eat healthy foods.

  41. This would be great for my daughter! Definitely something to keep in mind for when her birthday rolls around. 🙂

  42. My son hasn’t seen this yet. I know he’s going to want it when he does. We’re all lLeapfrog fans here!

  43. Amanda @ Erickson & Co. says:

    The other day my friend was telling me how much she enjoyed using the leap frog programs/toys to teach her kids preschool. I’ve never even looked at them before so thanks for sharing all the fun pictures and the review. I’ll have to see if I can find any in the store around here so I can get one for my toddler.

  44. Oh wow!! That’s pretty cool! I swear – what will they think of next!


  45. I haven’t heard of Leap Frog band before, but it looks great for kids! I’m sure my niece would love it. Thanks for a great review!

  46. Anything that gets kids moving is a big yes for me. I like the program idea for kids and even adults.

  47. Leap Frog makes really great learning products for kids. This one is sure to be a hit like their leap pad books.

  48. Super cute idea. I have to check this out.

  49. Great post and this looks cool for every kids out there.

  50. This is such a great way to get kids interested in exercise and keep track of it.

  51. This is really adorable. I love Leap Frog Products.

  52. My little girl would love this! Fantastic!

  53. Love it! I think we would all have so much fun with this 🙂

  54. I did one of these parties too. It was super fun and it looks like yours was too.

  55. I agree!I love how it helped our kids to be excited about exercising1

  56. We love our leapbands! My girls play with them non stop!

  57. I think my two youngest would love these. The Leap Frog brand is always coming out with such neat products.

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