Join The Mission On The Octonauts Deep Sea Mission On DVD + Giveaway

I wrote this post on behalf of Octonauts and NCircle.  Mama to 5 Blessings received Octonauts Deep Sea Mission on DVD in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in anyway.  

My three-year old is very particular about what he watches on t.v.  He has a handful that he will only watch, his favorite is Octonauts on Disney Junior. If you ask him what do you want to watch, typically it’s Octonauts. He has seen them all including the new Octonauts DVD β€”  Octonauts Deep Sea Mission .


octonauts deep sea mission



“Dive into adventures with your favorite underwater explorers, the Octonauts! Join brave Captain Barnacles, daredevil ex-pirate Kwazii, and medic Peso Penguin, along with other Octonauts as they explore the world’s oceans, rescue the creatures who live there, and protect their habitats – above and below the waves!


The Octonauts: Deep Sea Mission DVD includes 6 fun-filled action packed adventures with a run time is 70 minutes.  With titles of:
– Midnight Zone
– Vampire Squid
– Scary Spookfish
– Blobfish Brothers
– Gulper Eels
– Long Armed Squid
Definitely an action packed educational DVD that all children would love as they can join the Octonauts as they explore the hidden depths of the Midnight Zone! Peso must conquer his fears to treat a Vampire Squid! Dashi and Inkling go head to head with hungry Gulper Eels! Then, Barnacles, Kwazii and crew must rescue sea creatures before an underwater volcano erupts!  My son is engrossed with this DVD. He loves the different whimsical sea creatures and then learning about them on the creature report! 
Octonauts Deep Sea Mission is now available on DVD and can be purchased at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club for approximately $12.99 or to search for a retailer near you on

Enter to win a copy of Octonauts Deep Sea Mission on DVD by using the below Rafflecopter form to enter for a chance to win.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Open to the US AND Canada, ages 18+. 

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I wrote this post on behalf of Octonauts and NCircle.  Mama to 5 Blessings received  Octonauts Deep Sea Mission on DVD  in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in anyway.  
Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.  


  1. What a cute giveaway! I don’t have kids of my own, but sometimes, I’ll watch a kids show if I happen to cruise by it while I’m channel surfing. There’s just something about them that are so much fun.

  2. This is an awesome giveaway. I love kids shows. There were times when my niece and nephew would fall asleep watching certain shows, and I’d just keep watching them.

  3. My daughter loves Octonaut. I didn’t know that they had a DVD out.

  4. This looks like such a cute show! I bet my niece and nephew would love this!

  5. My boys don’t watch Octonauts any more but my nephew LOVES them!! This would be a great birthday present for him πŸ™‚

  6. Jenna Wood says:

    What a great collection of educational shorts to help engage kids! My nephew loves the Octonauts!

  7. Awesome giveaway. We watch the Octonauts any time it’s on. I’ve actually learned a little bit from them!

  8. My boys would love this movie! They love anything to do with water!

  9. Awww this sounds like such a fun show for my little ones.. never heard of them before, but totally love the picture and your review has me hooked; thanks for a great giveaway…

  10. I think the Octonauts are super cute. My young nieces would love this dvd!

  11. My kids love this show! In fact, it is a new favorite for them which I’m fine with since it’s educational.

  12. Great giveaway! We’ve never seen anything from the Octonauts, so this would be a first for us.

  13. How funny because as I type, my daughter is in the tub playing with her set. She would love this!

  14. My boys are big fans of the Octonauts!

  15. I love when the kids watch educational movies/shows. This is such a great giveaway.

  16. My little niece and nephew enjoy this show. I bet they would love to have this DVD!

  17. This sounds like such a cute show! My kids are a bit too old now but I bet they would have liked this when they were younger.

  18. The Octonauts are adorable! My son laughs hysterically when they do their little song because I dance along with it and apparently that’s funny.

  19. My kids love the Octonauts. I didn’t realize there was a dvd out.

  20. This is my almost 4 year olds absolute favorite show. We make up Creature Report songs about everything all day. It is so cute!

  21. My son is a fan of the Octonauts. I bet he would love to have this DVD.

  22. If I won nail art pens I would paint hearts and designs on my nails.

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