1st Tea Party (Almost) Wordless Wednesday) With Linky

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My daughter was invited to her best friends birthday tea party a few weeks ago. It was her 1st real tea party. It was awesome. She had her own tea with little sandwiches and treats. Everyone was all dressed up and we got to try on different hats. This was not just a tea party but it was with best friends.  The birthday girl’s mom I have known for many years; Melissa @ Home Grown Families. It was a time of enjoying friendship, celebrating another year of the sweet birthday girl, and relaxing just girls only (the boys stayed home with their dads). 


Most of the photo’s are of my daughter all dressed up in the different hats.  The center of the collage is my daugher and I, the far right is dear friend Melissa @ Home Grown Families.  I am thrilled that they moved back to Florida, living only 20 minutes away from me verses living in another state!  My family is blessed!


tea party collage

True friends are hard to come by you all, embrace them and never take them for granted! A true friend is someone who tolerates our corks and our misgivings, loves us no matter what and stays with you through thick and thin. I am thankful Melissa is all of this and more!  


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  1. How wonderful to have good friends move back so close.

  2. Nice photos! Looks like a fun party and those hats are just so lady like =) #ww

  3. What a fun tea party!! Very nice photos!!!

  4. Oh my goodness I remember when my girls were little. Tea parties were a must in our home. Their grandma got them started and it carried over to our home. Even my son was involved. Of course he only participated for the drinks and snacks. hehee!

  5. Awww, the tea party looks like fun. I have never been to one myself but I think I may do that some day with my girls.

  6. Jenna Wood says:

    Thanks for the linkup and adorable shots. What a fun party!

  7. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Awww what a cute, fun little party! My daughter loves to dress up, she would have a blast!

  9. Awe, so cute! And you must have trendy hats for a tea party! πŸ˜‰

  10. Aww. Cuteness! And tea parties are always fun! (Caffeine free?) πŸ˜‰

  11. What a great party!

  12. Oh my goodness how sweet are those girls! I am loving their cute fancy hats!

  13. What a great ww… I miss all of my friends back home. I have lived here for six years and have yet to make any real friends πŸ™

  14. What a fun tea party. Love the hats.

  15. What fun! I had a tea party for my daughter when she turned six and it was a hit with all the girls.

  16. Ohhh how fun… we love Tea parties and my daughter had a blast when I had one not too long ago at the house…thanks for sharing, parties like this are always fun

  17. I love this! Tea parties are so much fun, especially the first one.

  18. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I used to have tea parties all the time when my sister and I were younger. We used water as the tea, but it was so fun!

  19. You are so lucky to have a friend that is a blogger close by! It looked like a fun tea party, judging from you and your daughters pics.

  20. Aww, your daughter looks so cute. Love the hats!

  21. Oh little tea parties are so much fun! I love having tea parties with my daughter. They are so much fun! And great memories too!

  22. Did you travel to England for this tea party? ‘Cause I see some crazy hat action. =D

  23. Your daughter looks adorable! I hope she had a wonderful time!

  24. What a fun tea party!! Looks like the girls loved dressing up and had a blast!

  25. What a great party! And to share it with friends makes it all the better! Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. πŸ™‚

  26. What a fun tea party! Thanks for the link up!

  27. Cute how fun!

  28. Spending time with friends is such a joy. Your smiles say it all. πŸ™‚

  29. Tea parties are the best especially if they involve a bloggy bestie!

  30. She looks so cute in her dress and the hats!

  31. Love a good tea party! So sweet!

  32. Aw, how sweet!

  33. That’s so great that you’re closer to your friend now and I love the idea of a tea party, my little girl has pretend ones but when she is a little older, I’d love to have her invite friends over for a real one. Cute idea to dress up and have hats!

  34. My daughter didn’t have sister to invite so she always had our cat to her tea party.

  35. They look so pretty! Super sweet shots! πŸ™‚

  36. Tea parties are so much fun! My daughter and I went to a mother daughter mad hatter themed tea party… it was such a fun idea for girls. I wish I’d thought about something like that when my daughter was a little younger.

  37. Tea parties rock. Looks like you had a great one too. πŸ™‚

  38. what a great idea for a birthday party. I think my daughters would absolutely love to do this. Love the hats!

  39. Looks like a FANTASTIC tea party!

  40. I absolutely love tea parties – at any age. There are a few tea houses around where I live and in neighboring cities. I think every girl should have at least one celebration centered around the tea party theme. This one appears to have been fabulous.

  41. What a great party. You are soo right about good friends being hard to come by. I’m so glad yours are closer to you now!

  42. True friends are hard to find and definitely should be cherished! Glad your sweetie enjoyed her first real party. It looks like a blast! I would love for you to link up over at my Wordless Wens. as well!

  43. How fun!! You all look awesome in your hats.

  44. Very nice.

  45. I think that is such a fun party idea for girls. I have had a tea party before with my kids but I can’t say that I can remember going to one when I was little.

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