Tommee Tippee Pacifiers Are My Baby’s Favorite!


I wrote this post on behalf of Tommee Tippee and their PR Company. I received Tommee Tippee Products in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in anyway.  

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My baby is a thumb sucker. I am not really a fan of that habit because my 5 year daughter is also a thumb sucker and it is a hard habit to break.  It is so much easier to break the pacifier than the thumb, trust me my 1st son loved his paci and it was super easy to break him of the pacifier verses the thumb!  Remembering this I have tried to give my baby several different pacifiers in hopes I can try to break her thumb sucking habit now at such an early age but all she does it either chew on them or hold them in her hands.  That is until I gave her the Tommee Tippee brand pacifiers. 


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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Pacifiers are designed in conjunction with dental experts, these orthodontic pacifiers have nipples that gently flex and stretch in the mouth to support baby’s palate.  I realized after giving my baby Tommee Tippee pacifiers that the nipple was completely different than all the other brands on the market which is why she likes it so much. She is able to keep it in her mouth, because it is the right size and designed as a nipple is as to my breast which is what she is used to because is nurses which is natural to her.


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 Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Pacifiers come in a nice variety;  Style Pacifiers  Night time Pacifiers, Air Style Pacifiers,  Fun Style and Clear Pacifiers which is what I use for my baby. 


When I purchase products for my children one of the 1st things I look for is it BPA- Free, all of Tommee Tippee pacifiers are so there is no worries that baby is in danger of harmful chemicals. The Clear Pacifiers are available in come in a choice of colors and sizes for babies 0 – 18 months



Tommee Tippee pacifiers are a must have for any baby.  These wonderful pacifiers can be purchased at any local retailer or available on-line in a 2-pack for approximately $5.40.  Tommee Tippee carries a wonderful selection for infants to toddlers.  Follow Tommee Tippee on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay up to date on promotions and new product updates!  

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 I wrote this post on behalf of Tommee Tippee and their PR Company. I received Tommee Tippee Products in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in anyway.  
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  1. She is so cute! I used many Tommee Tippee products when my kids were babies and always loved them.

  2. What a cutie pie. I love the fun designs.

  3. These are adorable-I love all the different designs. I have a couple of baby showers coming up and these are going to be in the wishing well for sure-thanks for sharing

  4. Those pacifiers look great! I will have to pick a few up for my sister, she is pregnant with her first baby!

  5. You are so right. I was a thumb sucker and also a self pacifier – even now I console myself easily. My first child came out of the womb sucking her thumb. I broke her of it immediately, mostly because she was scaring her face so badly. I gave her that same pacifier, which was the only one she would use. My second child also sucked his fingers in the womb. I allowed him to pacify himself. I let him. I wish I would have broken him the same way, because he still uses his fingers, but he also has other habits that suggest he cannot console himself as easily as she and I. Dag on it. I loved the Tommee Tippee pacifiers too, and my nieces use them now.

  6. I’m putting together a basket of goodies for a good friend that is having her 1st baby – I will add these to the basket.

  7. That’s great the the Tommee Tippee products are closer to nature, plus have super-cute designs!

  8. I LOVE Tommee Tippee products but have never tried their pacis!

  9. Going to a baby shower next weekend, and these would be great to include in her gift. Both my kids used pacis too!

  10. I discovered these Tommee tippee pacifiers right after my daughter gave up pacifiers. But if i had any more babies; this is the brand I’d hope and pray my baby would latch onto! They look fabulous!

  11. I had no idea they were dentist recommended – that’s great news! Thanks for the review – these sound perfect for the little ones!

  12. That is a nice gift for expecting parents.. I know a few and will be purchasing these and a whole bunch of other things!

  13. What a cuite! I loved the Tommee Tippee paci’s when my kids were little.

  14. As a mother, I know how important it is to have a good pacifier. If you don’t have a great pacifier, you don’t have a happy baby, and if you don’t have a happy baby… well, it’s not good.

  15. I don’t have kids, but my sister has two. She had such problems finding a good pacifier for the kids, and there were NOT happy campers. She finally found one that worked, but boy, did she have trouble with the tots until she did.

  16. Paula Parker says:

    Thanks for the info, that I will pass on to my niece. I like the clear, so you can see if it is properly clean.

  17. Awe, what a cutie! I love this brand of products too and used them for my little boy.

  18. Angela S says:

    I am so glad you found a pacifier that your baby likes. I never could get my son to take one.

  19. Adorable baby. Very nice pacifier. Tommee Tippee has such great products.

  20. I really liked Tommee Tippee products when Baby Mash was younger. Not too expensive, and worked really well.

  21. Looks like these are great pacifiers. My daughter wasn’t a “sucker” as a baby, so we never had a need for pacifiers. I will have to share these with some people I know who are in the baby market…

  22. Things have sure changed since I had my babies. These are so nice. I’m waiting on grandchildren so if you want to call my daughters haha and speed then up lol. I could use them in the near future 🙂

  23. I love all the cute designs. Nowadays the baby stuff is so much better than when my kids were little.

  24. Both my kiddos took to the pacifier. They’ve come out with such cute varieties!

  25. Ooh these sound awesome! I wanted to put together a nice gift package for my baby niece, I will have to pick some of these up to add to it!

  26. michele d says:

    My children used the Tommy brand until about 3 months old. They have great designs and colors.

  27. Some people are totally anti pacifier but I have always given them to my kids. I can take a pacifier away eventually. Can’t remove their thumbs.

  28. I wish these were around when I had my daughter.

  29. we love tommee tippie everything especially the diaper sealer!

  30. These were my favourites with my twins, and yes, they have such a good variety!

  31. I love their products! Never tried their pacifiers, though, they look really nice.

  32. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    I love Tommee Tippie products! None of my kids for some reason ever wanted a paci so I wasn’t able to try these. Thanks for a great review.

  33. I definitely agree about the thumb sucking being a hard habit to break. My youngest is 9 and still sucks her thumb when she is tired. She is totally messing up her teeth! I love that the Tommie Tippie pacifiers are BPA free.

  34. This is great information! My daughter is expecting twins in January and I am keeping a list of reliable, safe and good baby items. This will definitely go on the list. Thanks for the reivew!

  35. i am out of the baby stage but these definitely look great!!

  36. These pacifiers sound great. I have no need for any BUT I will pick some of these Tommee Tippee pacifiers up for my friend’s baby shower.

  37. It’s been a long time since we needed these. Whew. Love the variety they offer! I don’t think when my kids were little that we had so many choices.

  38. We love Tommee Tippee at our house. Cute baby girl!!

  39. Pacifiers have really changed since my kid we little. I love of the look of these ones.

  40. My son was totally a pacifier baby and my daughter was a thumb sucker. It was way easier to get him to give up his habit than hers!

  41. So cute!!! Paci babies are too cute!

  42. What a cutie pie! Looks and sounds like a pretty awesome paci!!!!

  43. Pacifiers have been a life changer…. I don’t know how I would have made it the first year without them. They sure have changed a lot since my babies were little… thanks for sharing…your little one is a doll

  44. These are nice pacifiers, but my kids never used them. It’s a bad habit to break once a kid has them.

  45. We love them too. It’s the only brand Andrew will take. We have yet to try the night time ones though!

  46. I need tips on how to get thumb suckers from sucking theirs thumbs!! My 7 year old still does, and so does my two year old!! Any help would be great!

  47. That tiger pacifier is really cute! My son would have loved Tommie Tippee pacifiers, I thought he was never going to outgrow using them.

  48. R U S S says:

    I’m not yet a mom so I don’t really know stuff about pacifiers, but I do agree that thumb-sucking is a bad habit to break. My cousin was sucking her thumb til she was 7!

  49. Nice looking pacifiers. My kids were never big on them and my 6 month old only takes them for 5 minutes. Maybe these would help her.

  50. My kids never used pacis. I tried but they didn’t do it. Maybe if I’d had these, it would have worked!

  51. It took forever to get my oldest son off of his pacifier. Tommie Tippee wasn’t out when my boys were young.

  52. They have really cute designs. No wonder that your daughter immediately shifted to tommee tippee pacifiers.

  53. My nephew uses these, and his parents say it’s the only one he’ll take. My children had different preferences.

  54. Oh! Lovely! I heard this brand is really great. Sadly my son’s way past it now. 🙁

  55. Look at those big blue eyes. HOW BEAUTIFUL! If there is one thing I do not miss about have a little one, it’s the pacifier. I had such a hard time getting my daughter off of it and Tommee Tippee was her FAVORITE brand!

  56. She is a doll. I love those eyes. I didn’t realize they had so many pacifiers to choose from. They are pretty neat! Thanks for sharing some great pictures.

  57. Those are some cute designs!!!

  58. I’m hearing so much about Tommy Tippee! Such sleek looking soothers.

  59. This is so cute!!! We will probably need this when the baby comes.

  60. So cute! I have a paci lover in my house. I’m afraid she will be headed to college with that paci!

  61. Awe, that is just awesome. It was always hard for me to get my kids to take one. But I love that they are understanding now that they have to be more like a nipple, ha!

  62. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are great pacifiers. I will have to share this with both my sister and my niece. Thanks for sharing.

  63. My kiddo never took a pacifier. These look great though! I’ll have to remember them for gifts!

  64. They look like a great product. I always wanted my babies to take a pacifier, and none of them ever would!

  65. what cute designs.. loved them !

  66. What a sweetheart! I like Tommee Tippee products. I’d have gotten their pacifier for any one of my four back in the day.

  67. Those things are cute as a button. I’m bookmarking this post for when we’re expecting.

  68. My kids loved these! Great brand!

  69. I love Tommee Tippee snippy cups. My kiddos were pretty set with their pacifier brand but I love all their other products!

  70. Pacifiers have come a long way since my kids needed them. Thanks for sharing about all of this brand

  71. My son didnt take a pacifier but I know many kids do. Nice to know this brand put so much into their for a good product.

  72. What great pacifiers. We’ve had a few paci babies and a two who just won’t take one.

  73. Awww, so cute! I can’t provide much insight on pacifiers as I didn’t use them with my girls but, wow, they’ve come a long way!

  74. They really have some cute designs. My youngest never wanted a pacifier but my others did.

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