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We have completed most of our homeschool curriculum for the school year, just finishing up the very little bit we have left. So what does our homeschool family do over the summer? Well we continue to school LIGHTLY!  We focus on Bible, math, handwriting and reading. We also will be doing some fun hands on science experiments and crafts.  Going the free summer movies, bowling, pool, play dates and traveling quite a bit. 


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We take advantage of all the summer readings I can find which I would like to share with you!


Barnes & Noble  /  Read any 8 books and record them in the reading journal. Bring the completed reading journal to your local B&N store and choose a FREE BOOK from our selection on the reading journal list at the store.

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Sylvan Book Adventure – Book Adventure is a fun, free way to motivate your child to read! Kids in grades K-8 can search for books, read them offline, come back to quiz on what they have read, and earn prizes for their reading success. 


 The Scholastic Reading Program is a free on-line reading program for kids. Read, log minutes and earn rewards! 



Chuck E. Cheese has a summer reading program where kids can earn free 10 Chuck E. Cheese tokens for reading each day for 2 weeks. 


Local Public Library –  Our local county libraries gives our reading logs and after a certain amount of minutes read the kids turn in their logs for free baseball game tickets. While our city library gives our reading books.  My kids have participated the library reading programs every year and received wonderful prizes.


Pizza Hut Book It! Reading Program – Help slay the “summer slide”. Keep those kids reading all summer and having fun while doing it! Lots of activities, games, and a chance to win cool prizes!

The HEB summer reading program mails kids a package of cool prizes (including a t-shirt) after they have read their books. After reading 10 book, log them on the form. Be sure to have a grownup put their initials by each book they have read. (Parents, you can read to your children if they are too young.) 

Pottery Barn Summer Reading Program – children under 10 years of age on any day during the promotion period. Must present completed Award-Winning or Early Reader book list to receive a free book at participating Pottery Barn Kids stores.


 American Girl Reading Program – This summer, are you excited to escape into a story? Or learn about yourself and the world around you? American Girl can prep you for pages of fun with ideas, quizzes, events, and more!


The Showcase Cinemas summer reading program (formerly National Amusements) gives kids free movie tickets to see a free summer movie each week for each book they read and fill out a book report over.


What reading programs do your children participate in?  



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  1. My kids get assigned reading from school that they have to complete and write about over the summer. Then I have my kids take out books from the library in addition to that.

  2. Thank you for this list! Didn’t realize there was so many. We usually do the Barnes & Noble one, but wasn’t even thinking about it this year. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Local libraries are a great resource for keeping up with summer reading and also for smmer reading programs.

  4. Thank you for sharing all of these awesome resources! I have a niece and nephew who are just getting into reading and these are perfect for them!

  5. Lisa Jones says:

    Such Great Programs I Must Sign The Kids Up Thank You!

  6. Hi nice blog over here.

  7. WOW! Thanks for sharing these amazing resources and glad to see I’m not the only one that believes in summer learning. Currently all of our children are in public school, but due to a horrible situation with my teenage daughter and the utter disregard of the middle school, we will trying homeschool next year rather than public school for her. I need all the resources I can get, not to mention support, I am so scared an nervous.

  8. The Barnes & Noble program sounds amazing!!! What a great incentive for the kids to read more! I love our library for free entertainment over the summer!!

  9. This is awesome! Right now we are taking advantage of our book mobile that comes by our park on Wednesdays. Its so good to keep kids reading throughout the summer.

  10. Oh I love this list. I’m going to do some of these with my kids. Especially my son entering second grade.

  11. Wow! I didn’t know there was so many programs out there. My library does free book giveaways two o r three times a year. It’s so important to find the joy of reading early

  12. Thanks for sharing the awesome resource. When my girls were younger they loved the library.

  13. We do a lot of reading programs over the summer.

  14. What a great list! Im going to sign both my boys up. Thanks!

  15. I think it’s important to keep kids engaged with learning during the summer months. Mine is in preschool and I plan to give him activities to keep his brain sharp

  16. My kids love to read, so I am glad to have no lag in their reading levels over the summer. We love the summer programs at the library.

  17. Love summer reading programs! So important to keep the reading up during the summer!

  18. We do the summer library reading program every year, and we love it! The kids have fun reading and filling out their forms and then collecting their books!

  19. Such great resources. I love a book can take you miles away from home and surround you in mystery, intrigue or take you back in time.

  20. My local library had a summer reading program when I was growing up. Back then I did it for the prizes – now I remember the books I read but can’t recall what I won. It’s nice to see these programs are still popular.

  21. getting involved in a parent child book group helps facilitate reading

  22. We always do our library’s program and love it. It’s a tradition!

  23. There’s so many resources nowadays, it’s great as you can pick those that work for your children

  24. Thanks for sharing your resources, we love reading and summer is the perfect time for it.

  25. All my readers do the library’s reading program. They even have a reading competition for teens!

  26. We just signed up for our library’s program today and we are doing Scholastic’s program as well!

  27. I remember when I was younger and the school would offer free bowling passes for the Summer! Sometimes it definitely pays to be a kid with all the fun and free stuff you can do 🙂

  28. We always do the program at our local library.

  29. So many great resources. I will look into those for my daughter.

  30. There are a lot more programs than I realized. I knew about the library and B&N, but some of the others are new to me. Very neat!

  31. We used to love the pizza hut reading program when Trey was in elementary school. I miss those days!

  32. I love summer reading programs! Thanks for sharing.

  33. This is such a great resource page! I am sharing! Now my girls are 14 and 16 and they do their summer reading with ease. The both love to read.

  34. Awesome! I’m going to sign up for some of these. We are always reading!

  35. Great resource, I have 2 kids that will be needing this. This is totally going to come in handy this summer.

  36. This could really help kids develop the habit of reading with their program.

  37. wow!! You are truly inspiring as I can’t homeschool my kids..

  38. We’ve been doing a program with our local library, this list is awesome! I will check out some more of them

  39. Rebecca Swenor says:

    It is good for the kids to do light school work in the summer so they don’t forget what they already learned. Reading will help this too.

  40. What an awesome list of programs! I love ones with incentives!

  41. Wow what a great list! I love to read. I love seeing so many programs encouraging something so important and rewarding!

  42. I had no idea there were so many options for summer reading programs. We always had a list of books that were sent home with us at the end of the year and we were expected to read from that list.

  43. What a great program! My son doesn’t like reading much but luckily he loves that I read to him.

  44. I love getting my kids involved in summer reading programs. It’s good to keep their skills up over the summer!

  45. Abigail's Mommy says:

    Half off books has one too.

  46. We love the summer reading programs. a few on this list we knew about but others we didn’t. Gonna check out the other reading resources.

  47. This is great. I’ve been looking for reading lists for my ducklings!

  48. I am amazed with the number of programs available. My daughter can learn lots of prizes if she participates in all of them – she is already more than half done with her library challenge, and this is after one week of summer 😀 Thanks for sharing this list with After School Link Up!

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