Bathroom Break in Luxury (With Cottonelle) + Coupon #LetsTalkBums


Just because I am a stay at home mom does not mean my days are not busy.  Some have the notion that stay at home moms sit and watch t.v. and eat bon bons all day but that is so far from my day! It starts with a baby who wakes up several times during the night to be nursed. At 6:15 AM my husband’s alarm clock goes off for him to get up and get ready and leave for work. I do not go back to sleep. I get up and pack his lunch and walk him to his car and say my goodbyes. Back inside I sit and read my morning Bible devotional and then get working on my blog for a few hours as I wait for our 5 kids to trickle downstairs and eat breakfast. Clean up the breakfast dishes and time for homeschool.  Whew and that is just my morning! The rest of the day is even more hectic! 


Can you see that I do not get much time to myself so when I have to use the bathroom that is luxury time if my kids are not banging on the door wanting to come in!  I have changed up my morning routine because I want to feel  clean and refreshed for the day!  I purchased Cottonelle 42 Count Upright Dispenser of Flushable Cleansing Wipes and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper at CVS.



Using both of these products together leaves me feeling refreshed which is important to me especially living in Florida where it always is hot!  Our family used to use baby wipes for the final clean but they are expensive and they would clog the toilet. I love that the cleansing wipes are flushable, no more clogs! I wear many hats and now I can take off my plumber hat! My nine year old son asked me what toilet paper I switched to and I asked him why and he said he liked how soft (Cottonelle) was and to keep buying it! Glad I even have the kids approval!


cottonelle coupon


Try them for yourself and save $1.50 by printing off THIS COUPON when you purchase BOTH Cottonelle Bath Tissue and Flushable Cleansing Cloths together at CVS. 


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cottonelle. All views and opinions are our own.  
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  1. We are a Cottonelle family in our house, too. We love the flushable wipes!

  2. I have never tried the Cottonelle wipes before. I will give these a try. Sounds like a great way to stay fresh in the summer and during certain times of the month! 🙂

  3. I have tried the combination of those wipes and toilet paper and I love them.

  4. The bathroom is pretty much the only break that I get some days. I love Cottonelle. We use the toilet paper and the wipes.

  5. Great products! You can always find those wipes in our bathrooms. Thanks for the great coupon!!

  6. I’ve been wanting to try those … thanks for the coupon!

  7. Yes, we got the Cottonelle wipes for my kiddos during potty training… and now I keep buying them for me! As a fellow SAHM, I have to agree that my day gets crazy busy. It is a tough job.

  8. Kids always seem to know the minute you try to sneak into the bathroom! Never tried these before!

  9. We love Cottonelle for our bathroom and for camping in our trailer! Great coupon, thanks!

  10. I can only imagine how busy your days are as a stay at home mom. That essentially IS a full time job!

  11. When these first came out, I jumped right on the bandwagon and haven’t stopped since. Thanks for the coupon!

  12. I love these products, I started using them last year and haven’t stopped. They have become APART of my busy day – of NOT eating bonbons in front of the tv. 😉

  13. Never tried Cottenelle, but any wipes are awesome with little ones (or big ones)!

  14. lisa jones says:

    Love Cottonelle Products Won’t Use Anything Else Great Review Thanks For The Coupon!!

  15. So glad they came up with the cleansing cloths. I have them in every bathroom.

  16. We are big cottonelle fans in our home, it is such a quality product it is a family favorite.

  17. I think every mom should get a bathroom break with no little ones wanting to come in, or husbands asking for random things. Let us pee in peace!

  18. I love the Cottonelle flushable wipes – I have some on my toilet tank right now!

  19. That’s good that they are flushable. Clogs are no fun at all.

  20. He’s so right; it’s really, really soft and makes the whole process much easier! Love the wet/dry combo!

  21. Great high value coupon! Once you use the wet wipes it is hard to go back to just dry. My family uses these too.

  22. I really like the Cottonelle Brand. The tissue paper is so soft and those wipes smell great.

  23. I totally know what you mean, bathroom time = luxury time in our house. Mommy has a rule that it’s private, alone time. lol

  24. It’s so frustrating when people think that “Being at home” means “Doing nothing”! Cottonelle always make good products….Cottonelle, take us away! LOL!

  25. Thank you for the info and coupon. I have heard only great things about this Cottonelle product.

  26. You can’t go wrong with Cottonelle it’s a great product to use.

  27. Only Peggy Bundy could sit all day eating bonbons on the couch, all other stay at home moms are in fact work at home moms like yourself. You’ve got 5 kids to look after and educate so I can imagine the chaos your day looks like.

  28. Having an autistic son, wipes are a must and Cottonelle makes the very best ones that are flushable!

  29. Your days sound similar to mine! We love having these wipes in the bathrooms to keep us feeling fresh!

  30. Love Cottonelle and have not used the wipes yet. Love that they are flushable.

  31. A bathroom break in my house is a true luxury. My kids always seem to need me when I’m trying to go to the bathroom. When my husband is home then I get the luxury of being able to lock the door.

  32. We love cottonelle products. We only buy that for our bathroom.

  33. Thanks for the coupon – I use Cottonelle products. I have not tried the wipes I will get them with the coupon.

  34. Sometimes when your life is so go-go-go and hectic, a nice bathroom break can be just the couple of minutes you need to regroup!

  35. We use Cottonelle at our house. They make the softest products!

  36. I love Cottonelle. So soft and great to have around! It’s true sometimes a bathroom break really is a luxury!

  37. Bathrooms are often the only place a mom can get a few minutes to herself! Love Cottonelle!

  38. I love those Cottonelle Wipes. I keep them in the car all the time for little messes.

  39. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I use Cottonelle Wipes all the time. They are great as the last wipe to keep us fresh!

  40. We love the Flushable Cleansing Wipes! Thanks for the coupon!

  41. It is SO true that the bathroom is a mom’s luxury time. I stay extra long in there just to relax and read! I’d love some flushable wipes!

  42. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I love the Cottonelle wipes. They are a great discovery that we have in the washroom.

  43. We use cottonelle wipes in this house.. I am printing the coupon.. thanks!

  44. We are a Cottonelle family too!

  45. The flushable wipes are perfect for the kids. We have them in every bathroom in the house

  46. I love Cottonelle. It’s the only brand of tp that we buy.

  47. Maria Oller says:

    We love the uncrushable wipes here for a while we been mixing the regular toilet paper with them, for me was a cultural shock to figure out there were no bidets in the US, so the wipes are better than nothing

  48. Thanks for the coupon!! Love the wipes as well!

  49. Your tag #LetsTalkBums still has me cracking up 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  50. Cottonelle does make a good product! Glad you even got kid approval on this one. 😉

  51. Sadly we are not Cottonelle people but my parents are. Nice review though!

  52. Sounds like a really good product! I would love to be able to find it here.

  53. We love Cottonelle! It’s my favorite brand for tp and wipes!

  54. I really find it hard to understand how so many people still believe that moms at home have it so easy!

  55. Cottonelle makes some great products for the whole family. I love their clean routine.

  56. I love a high value coupon like that. We always have Cottonelle on hand.

  57. WE love Cottonelle, thanks for sharing such a great coupon!

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