National Learn To Swim Day (Water Safety Tips) #TeachMeToSwim

I wrote this post on behalf of SwimWays. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in anyway.  

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When I was pregnant with our 3rd baby I had my two older boys take swim lessons at YMCA because they did not know how to swim and with a new baby coming I didn’t want any distractions from them being safe.  Fast Forwarding years later and now with 5 children I am in the same place but now I need my 3 younger children to learn how to swim.  This summer teaching them is on my bucket list. 


Using products from SwimWays definitely helps. The products are not just functional but my kids want to use them! Did you know that this Sunday, May 17th is the 3rd Annual National Learn to Swim Day? 


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National Learn to Swim Day is held annually to increase awareness about the importance of learning to swim. Now that Spring in full effect and Memorial Day weekend around the corner, parents and caretakers nationwide are beginning to gear up for summer fun.  How safe are your children in and around the water? 


To help parents and caretakers out SwimWays’ has a dedicated website called which provides wonderful tools and resources to help support parents in teaching their children to swim, including swim tips, accomplishment certificates and more.  Not only does Teach Me to Swim offer wonderful resources but it gives parents encouragement as well.  For me teaching my littler children how to swim has been a challenge but there is light at the end of the tunnel! 


 Did you know that According to the American Red Cross, drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages one to 14. Scary, right?!


Here are some helpful tips to keep your children safe around water:


~ Get your child comfortable in the water at an early age. 


~ Introduce children to the water using a baby float designed to help children feel comfortable and build water confidence, like the SwimWays Baby Spring Float (we use the Baby Spring Float for our 12 month baby and she loves it).


~ Once your child is ready to learn to swim, use a graduated flotation device, such as SwimWays’ Swim Steps Power Swimr.


~ While you may feel your little one has the skills to swim unassisted, remember it takes a lot of courage to traverse the water without help. 


~ It’s often beneficial for a child to ease into swimming with a little extra support, like a kickboard, before taking their first solo strokes.


~ National Learn to Swim Day is an opportunity for families to learn about the importance and benefits of learning to swim before Memorial Day Weekend and the start of summer.


~ NEVER leave your child unattended in or near the water. Teach children to understand that they must always ask for permission before they go near the water.


As a part of the National Learn to Swim Day celebration, SwimWays is hosting a coloring contest. Kids can create their own artistic masterpiece by simply downloading a coloring sheet from for the chance to win a pool prize pack, which includes a Swim Steps item, pool toy and Spring Float! Three winners will be selected, and the contest runs through May 31st


What about you, what are your child’s swimming needs? Have you taught them water safety? How to swim? For me it will be a busy summer teaching my 3 and 5 year old how to swim and getting my baby comfortable in the water.  SwimWays is helping me this summer, they can help you too! Right now SwimWays is offering a 15% Off Coupon for purchases of items in the Swim Training category on Enter coupon code SWIMSTEPS at check out to receive your discount. Expires 6/30/14. 


This summer stay connected with the Swim Steps Swim Team, which Mama to 5 Blessings is part of for fun, resourceful swimming tips as well as SwimWays product reviews!  

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I wrote this post on behalf of SwimWays. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in anyway.  


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  1. Great points! Children should definitley NEVER be left alone in the water. It only takes a few seconds for something to happen.

  2. I dog paddled for about 10 years before I could swim. Great blog.

  3. Nicole your right it is such a huge life skill to teach your children. I hope you can cross it off your bucket list this Summer with your last 3 🙂

  4. My toddler is learning to swim this year and we’re both excited. Great tips here!

  5. My kids could swim before they were two. My reason for making this happen was that my niece drowned at 18 months. It is so important to teach kids to swim!

  6. What an important topic. I am horrified whenever children are near water. My eyes don’t leave them!!

  7. both of my kids are very good swimmers, but that does no mean i am not scared when they are in the pool.. They know to be as careful as they can.

  8. I love this site! Thanks! I am a freak about water safety because my younger sister drowned. Posting this site far and wide so people get the low down on what is REALLY safe.

  9. Knowing how to swim is so important. I am a fish and so is one of my kids. 2 of them are afraid of the water so I am always struggling to teach them.

  10. Cindy McElwee says:

    Great information. I know how important it is to know how to swim. My husband can swim but I can not so to be able to get this kind of help for are little one is much help ♥

  11. I love this idea. I have a 5 year old who definitely wants to learn to swim and I have no idea how to begin to teach him. The lessons at our local Y are $60 a month and I can’t afford that right now. I’m bookmarking this page, for sure.

    • Michelle, I just went on YMCA’s web-site the other day to get a price for my 3 and 5 year old and it was $160!!!! I wish swim lessons were more affordable!

  12. Great info. Thanks. I am so glad I had swim lessons when I was little. SO important.

  13. Brody starts swim lessons in June – every night from 7-7:30p every day in June….surely that will tire him out for bedtime. My husband and I are looking forward to it. He loves to swim and lessons are important if children are going to be near water.

  14. Somewhere there are photos of me with the little floaties on my arms as my mom is teaching me to swim in a pool! Great tips and how cool that there is now a website for parents to use – that sure didn’t exist in the ’80s when my mom was first starting my lessons, lol. Water safety is SO important and this is a very timely reminder.

  15. It is so important for kids to learn how to swim! Living in Florida, we are always at the beach and it takes only seconds for a child to drown. It seems like I hear about drownings on the news all the time here.

  16. lisalisa says:

    Great post!! Last year I had both my kids and grandkids taking swimming lessons. I hope this year they will feel comfortable about getting into the water with me. They were so fearful last year, great tips!

  17. I think it’s really important to introduce your kids to water at an early age and to teach them how to swim early on as well. That way when they grow up, they won’t fear the water and have confidence when they are near it! These are all fantastic tips on how to help kids learn to be comfortable around and in the water 🙂

  18. Oh awesome! I also have 5 kids that all take lessons at the Y, and it is so important. We will take the kids until they have completed all of the levels, and we’ve been going for one year now. It has been so rewarding to watch the kids work hard and pass the different levels and learn an important skill.

  19. We push swimming lessons from very early on.
    We want to make sure that if we are ever around water that they can enjoy themselves and we can too.
    (we are actually almost 1/2 way in this session of lessons)
    I probably could use a refresher course as my whip kick is a little weak…

  20. I started my kids and grandkids early with swimming and playing in water. We often run down to the creek to cool off in the summer so it is important they know.

  21. This is a great post with lot’s of great information since the pools will be opening soon. I may just enroll my boys into swimming lessons this summer. Thanks for the reminder.

  22. We’ve been working on this all year with the twins, so far so good, they are great little swimmers for 5!

  23. That is scary! You know my kids (and infant son) took swim lessons last year, but it was really beneficial, because my child soon grew afraid of the pool due to a scary incident with his teacher and he completed the class not really knowing anything and then had a fear of water. I definitely need to get them lessons and soon!!

  24. I’m not a swimmer and my daughter only recently learned. I wish I had got get lessons as an infant. She was always so afraid of the water and would shriek when we went away. Now she seems to have a better relationship with pools and oceans but there is still a little fear.

  25. I agree 100%!!! Kids are very playful and can get into harm in any minute if we aren’t aware. Im always extremely cautious even when in lazy rivers!
    Dee T

  26. If i had a pool, I would totally get lessons for my kids. We dont really have any swim lessons nearby.

  27. I second that about never leaving them unattended near water. EVER. It only takes seconds!

  28. Learning to swim is so important for the safety! It’s great to see that you children enjoy water!

  29. Great post, especially with summer coming up. It always amazes me how little kids can take to the water! Every child should take swimming lessons so they don’t have to be afraid of the water — and we don’t have to be afraid when they’re in it!

  30. All 3 of my kids can now swim and I feel so much better knowing they have the skills!

  31. You can never be too safe when the water is involved. Even people that know how to swim can get into trouble.

  32. This is such an important topic and a great reminder. We always tried to be very cautious around the water when my daughter was young.

  33. Swimming lessons are definitely beneficial for kids. They may not see the importance now, but I’m pretty sure when they’re all grown-up, they’ll thank their parents for enrolling them in such.

  34. I”ve been trying to get my son in lessons for years, but they never have enough kids sign up and the classes get cancelled. I definitely think all kids should know how to swim, and we have a big creek out back!

  35. We had swimming lessons for my daughter when she was younger because my husband and his brother do not know how to swim. I wanted the kids to be safe in the water. I did not know that drowning was so prevalent!

  36. My eldest daughter would love any excuse to swim. She needs improvement though, so we need to sign her up.

  37. lisa jones says:

    Great Tips My Kids Already Know How To Swim But Will Pass on The 15% Coupon To A Friend Of Mine Thank You

  38. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Great tips. Thanks for information and sharing. 🙂

  39. swimming is so, so. s important and sadly frequently overlooked as a life skill, thank you for promoting awareness

  40. My daughter suffered a terrible traumatic brain injury in July of 2004 and when she was in the ICU for two months, there were quite a few near drownings in there. Many suffered terrible injuries! It’s definitely beneficial to get our kids into swim lessons and learn about water safety. My daughter has multiple disabilities but she takes swimming lessons!

  41. I definitely think learnign to swim is very important. We live near a beach so it was something we never thought twice about teaching our kids.

  42. I miss having the option to get my kids swimming lessons. We don’t have a very open “swim” season in our area and they never employ enough teachers; so it is basically very hard to get kids into swimming lessons around here. And that really bugs me; because I know how important it is that my kids know how to swim.

  43. What great information. I was so scared when my girls were young that something would happen. They are grown now but products like these save lives and inform. Good luck with the 3 littlest. 🙂

  44. This is a very important thing to take seriously. My extended family had to deal with a tragedy relating to this many years ago.

  45. Very neat! I didn’t know about natural learn how to swim day. Thank you for sharing.

  46. Chasity Boatman says:

    Wonderful, relevant post. Summer is coming up and swim safety is very important!

  47. I had no idea there was a day like this. We are big swimmers here and it is a skill that you will never use and could be life saving.

  48. For me that’s a non negotiable that my daughter should learn how to swim. I even found a private tutor who goes to our condo once a week to teach her.

  49. I agree that swimming is such an important skill to learn.My kids are all signed up for summer!

  50. My daughter need to learn to swim this summer. I think her coordination may be enough now.

  51. I always feel bad because I can’t swim and now whenever I try, I just cant learn. I wish I had learned swimming when I was small. I will make sure my kids learn swimming as soon as possible.

  52. My son wants to learn to swim already and he’s only 3. I feel very anxious about it, but with these tips I think we’ll give it a try.

  53. That’s a great resource! I don’t have any kids yet, but will save this for later so I remember to use that website when the time comes.

  54. It is very important for children to learn to swim and about water safety when they are young. This knowledge adn experience may save their lives.

  55. I hope I learned how to swim when I was still young. I know how to swim a little tho 😀

  56. Good tips. My son is not afraid of water at all, which scares us a little, but at least he’s definitely willing to learn!

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