Easy Toddler Mosaic Cross Crafts (Learn & Link With Linky)



I love doing crafts with my children. It can be tricky though when ages span from 8 years to 11 months. My toddler is a hands on so he loves coloring and gluing. Here are a few crafts we did this week to celebrate Easter.

The 1st craft

cross mosaic


2 different colors of construction paper cut into any size square shapes

Glue stick


Cross coloring page already printed 


I gave my son the cross coloring page, the glue stick and the construction paper squares and had him glue whatever pattern he wished. Surprisingly at 3 he did a great job. Then once it dried I cut out the cross,hole punched the top strung a piece of yarn through and hung it up.


2nd Craft

cross plate mosaics




Paper plate

Contact paper

tissue paper cut in squares

hole puncher



cut a cross out in the center of the paper plate and then place a piece of contact paper on the backside of the paper plate with the sticky side facing through the cross opening. Then have the child add the tissue paper squares to the sticky part of the contact paper. Then hole punch, string though a piece of yarn or string though and tie and hang up!




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  1. A perfect craft for us to do today! Thank you so much for the idea.

  2. What a cute idea for a toddler cross craft!

  3. Both of these crafts are great ideas for smaller kiddos to get involved with crafting! Using fine and gross motor skills and coming up with a great, artful result is a great way to boost pride and self-esteem too!

  4. That is such a cute craft for kids! I love the mosaic look, very stained-glass like!

  5. I love these ideas for Easter crafts. You always have such fun things for the kids to do.

  6. Maria Oller says:

    Such and easy and great craft my in-laws would love to get one, I would be hard to get my 17 and 15 years old to make them tho, but we can work on something alike. thanks for idea!

  7. Love these! This would be a great idea for this afternoon with my daughter – thank you!

  8. That’s an awesome craft project! My 3 year old son would love doing that!

  9. I used to teach preschool and love finding easy and creative ways for them to play! These look cute!

  10. Perfect timing with Easter almost here-very cute and easy too –love it

  11. Your little ones did a fantastic job with the craft! What a fun way to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.

  12. I love cute and easy crafts like this one!

  13. They are just perfect for the little ones during this Easter season.

  14. Oh fun!! My kids will LOVE this! They have Good Friday off from school.

  15. That is a great little craft for Easter!

  16. What Adorable Ideas Love Them Will Have To Make With The Kids!

  17. We also love doing crafts at our house. In fact, craft supplies are already making their way onto my 3 year olds birthday wish list. lol

  18. Those are great crafts for the kids.. i am sure they had fun.

  19. I love that our families are so similar our age span with 5 is 10 years to 3 years – I know how busy you are! Great crafts!

  20. This is a nice, easy craft for Easter. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Thank you so much for the craft! We have been working on incorporating more religious lessons and crafts in our 3 year old’s homeschooling.

  22. I really like the mosaic cross idea! I might try to do this with my daughter. She’s 3 and this looks simple enough for her to do.

  23. What great crafts to work on this week! I love seeing all the cool things you guys make over there 😉

  24. Crafts like this not only engage creativity but also open the door for conversation.

  25. What a cute craft project! Great way for toddlers to learn more about Easter.

  26. Super cute, and I love that it’s really budget-friendly too!

  27. I remember those days – creating crafts with my babies and with the wee ones in the church class I taught. They were so wonderful to me and I always hoped they were just as wonderful to the parents when they took them home!

  28. I love how creative this is and easy to make for toddler. I love the cross too and it has a wonderful message to it.

  29. I loved making mosaics like this when I was young. What a cute craft.

  30. This is a wonderful craft idea for the Easter holiday. Very cute and easy

  31. These are perfect for little ones and big ones. Really cute and easy craft!

  32. Thanks For The Great Craft Ideas!

  33. perfect craft for this easter… loved it

  34. Wow! It’s nice that your toddler can do all this. Mine doesn’t like to sit still long enough to finish anything. These are all quite creative though, except in our religion, we may not do the crosses 🙂

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