DIY Eye Glasses Cleaner



I have worn glasses since I was 10 years old, each year my eyes change and even more so as I have gotten older. Two years ago I splurged and purchased Coach eyeglasses. Adding the bells and whistles to the lenses with the scratch resistant coating, etc.  About 6 months ago I noticed the coating started to come off and with the glasses no out of warranty I just dealt with it until recently my eyes starting bothering me so I headed to the eye doctors for an eye exam. I decided I loved my Coach glasses so much that I was just going to replace my lenses and keep my Coach frames.  Leaving the office my husband didn’t understand why I wouldn’t purchase new glasses because my beloved Coach glasses were all caked up with soap scum and grimy. Let me tell you a secret which the eye doctor cringed at – I wear my glasses in the shower and not only do I wear them in the shower but I wash them with bar soap while I am in the shower. It’s a no wonder why they have caked up soap scum on them and the coating on the lenses came off!


So I decided to get a new pair of glasses (yes a new pair of Coach glasses)  and start all over. Here are some care instructions my optometrist gave me  to make  eyeglasses last longer:


~ Do not wash your eyeglasses with bar soap

~ Do not use your shirt, paper towels or napkins to clean your glasses (they scratch your lenses) 

~ Do not use other harmful chemicals to clean your eyeglasses. 

~ Always use a lens cleaning cloth or  3M 9021 Lens Cleaning Cloth of some sort. 

~ Make a simple eye glasses cleaner yourself that will clean your glasses and not scratch or ruin the lenses or other parts of your glasses. 

eye glass cleaner


DIY Eye Glasses Cleaner
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Prep Time
2 min
Prep Time
2 min
  1. 16 oz. Rubbing Alcohol
  2. 16 oz. Distilled Water
  3. 1 spray bottle
  1. Fill spray bottle 1/2 way with rubbing alcohol and then the other 1/2 with water, give a gentle shake.
  1. Give a spray on each glass lens and then wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  2. I have used this on my camera lens, t.v. screen and glass doors.
Mama to 6 Blessings

How do you clean your glasses? 


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  1. Thanks for this! I go through a box of wipes every couple months or so between my glasses, my boyfriend’s sunglasses and all of our electronic screens!

  2. Amy Desrosiera says:

    I wonder if this recipe will work for all types of lenses? Like camera lenses?

  3. I can never get mine clean no matter what i do. I will try this out , cause they always seem dirty. Thanks!

  4. I usually just wipe mine on my shirt LOL, but this sounds like a much better idea.

  5. My husband wears glasses and this would be great for him! Is it good for iPad or computer screens?

  6. I’m guilty of using my shirt to clean my glasses far too often! Thanks for the tips, it’s a great reminder to me to put an eyeglass cloth in my purse… which I just did! 🙂

  7. I’m so bad for cleaning my glasses on my shirt. I have a lens cloth somewhere but I can never find it. I like the idea of making my own cleanser though, WAY cheaper!

  8. This is brilliant! I can’t not wait to try on mine!

  9. WHAT! I always use my t-shirt to clean my glasses. :/ I feel enlightened by your tips.. sheesh.. here I thought I was taking good care of my glasses.

  10. My mom has glasses. I bet this would come in really handy for her.

  11. You are completely right – do not use your shirt to clean your glasses. Oh, I am still mad at myself for doing that one.

  12. Interesting.. I need to make some for my camera lens. it somehow always ends up with little finger prints.

  13. Sounds like a great one. Will make some of that for my mom. She uses anything and everything. Causes such a mess with her glasses.

  14. Maria Oller says:

    I dont use glasses but hubby does and is always complain he cannot keep them clean. I need to make this for him!!

  15. I didn’t realize making your own eye glass cleaner was that simple. I have been *much* better lately about not using my shirt.

  16. great ingredients this would be helpful thumbsup for this

  17. That’s it?! That’s so easy, I’ll never buy again – thanks for this!! Now to stop using my shirt to dry … lol

  18. Great DIY idea.

  19. We are always cleaning my 1st graders glasses, this is a great tip and I’m going to pin it so I can refer back to it AND share it with so many others! Thank you!

  20. That’s all! how simple…can’t believe I haven’t thought of that. Thanks a bunch. I’ve got a couple of pair that needs cleaning right now.

  21. I always marvel at how making something at home not only saves TONS of money, but also is usually so simple to do and quick!

  22. I have worn glasses since I was 16, but have to admit, I have never showered with them on! I began using an eye glasses cloth with my last pari of glasses and found it really does make them last longer. I love the homemade cleaner and will have to try it!

  23. It is so easy to grab a corner of your shirt and clean your glasses! This is a great and affordable way to clean your glasses.

  24. Great tips. I was always rough on my glasses, and still admittedly use my shirt (and gasp… even my jeans sometimes) to clean them.

  25. I need to make this for my husband. He always has fingerprints on his glasses.

  26. This is fabulous! Hubby is always asking me to clean his glasses. And I saw a comment that you can use this on a camera lens… Totally need that!

  27. I find myself wearing my glasses more and more lately and it is amazing how smudgy they get! Thanks for the easy recipe!

  28. Geez, that’s an easy solution! I get tired of spending money on eyeglass cleaner.

  29. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  30. My son needs that. He needs something he can keep in his back pack.

  31. I’m definitely passing this simple recipe on to my mom she she wears glasses quite often and is always dropping them or leaving them places where they get all dirty o.O

  32. We just took our 4 year old to Lens Crafter today to get his glasses adjusted and cleaned.
    I’m amazed that he never complains about how dirty they are when there’s food, sand and hair on them.
    Usually the staff gives me the disposable wipes to carry in my purse. But I’ve thought about buying alcohol wipes to use too when we’re on the go.

  33. I has LASIK eye surgery done about 6 years ago, but I remember those stays of reaching down for whatever was around to clean my glasses. These are great tips!

  34. My mother has worn glasses forever. She is often saying that her lenses are messed up with little finger prints (grandchildren). I am going to make this up for her.

  35. I don’t wear glasses but my sunglasses collection is extensive. And I feel like I am constantly cleaning them. Need to try this on my own. – Katy

  36. This is great and I could use this for sure!

  37. I might need to try this out. Eye glass cleaner can be pricey and I like how yu can use this on a camera lens as well!

  38. I’m totally a sleeve wiper! thanks for the recipe instead!

  39. ohh this is great. I will have to make some!

  40. I don’t have glasses, but I love that I could use it on my camera lens, TV and glass doors!

  41. Oh I had no idea you could make your own. I’m totally going to do this for my daughter!

  42. I spend so much money on lens cleaner. I am glad to know I can make my own.

  43. I need new glasses because a) the older I get, the worse my eyes get and b) the lenses are so scratched because I wipe them with everything! I will try this homemade cleaner!

  44. I need to make this for my husband. He is always cleaning his glasses with just water.

  45. Thanks for this glasses cleaner recipe. My daughter and husband wear glasses and have a hard time keeping them clean.

  46. I am sure this would save butt loads of money!! I don’t wear glasses but maybe one day I will, and I will remember this!

  47. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I too have had glasses for a long time. My eye doctor gave me that “recipe” it works great.

  48. With my allergies right now I wish I had a home remedy for them!

  49. Thanks for this! This really is a cool thing to know, and the mixtures so simple that even I’ll be able to remember it.

  50. I could always use a little bit of extra eye glass cleaner around, especially homemade and economical.

  51. Thank you for sharing this. My FIL could really use it as his glasses are always so yucky. HA

  52. This is a great idea! My husband will love this!

  53. How awesome! I still have to wear glasses at night and mine were GROSS the other day! LOL I will have to make some of this.

  54. I have a soft cloth I use for my glass lenses and my camera lenses. I really do need to make some of this solution!

  55. My Eye doctor told me to not waste my money on those expensive eye glasses cleaners. He said a solution similar to yours is adequate and to just use the right kind of cloth and you are good to go!

  56. Oh neato! What a fantastic idea, I love it!

  57. Thos Is A AWESOME Idea Thank You

  58. This would be handy for my husbands glasses

  59. Definitely trying this for my husband’s glasses. He basically uses whatever’s nearby — gross!

  60. This is so great. I’m one of the optically challenged and my glasses are always dirty.

  61. Wow this is so easy. I need to make it for myself. I never realize how spotty my glasses are until I clean them.

  62. My husband wears eyeglasses, so we will have to try this out! Thanks for the tips.

  63. Glasses and other lenses are a big investment. It is important to take good care of them so that they last longer.

  64. I think I would need this too as I’ve had glasses since high school.

  65. I always clean my Armani sunglasses on just my shirt. Guess I should stop doing that

  66. I’m totally guilty of using my shirt pretty often. Yikes! I try to use lens wipes though!

  67. Awesome tip – thanks for sharing us this one.

  68. This is very convenient because all the things you’ll need are at home.

  69. Ohhh, I love this! I wear glasses everyday so this is useful to make.

  70. Love this! Buying eyeglass cleaner seams like a huge waste of money.

  71. My husband always says my glasses are dirty. Maybe I could use a really good cleaning! Thanks for the formula!

  72. Thanks for the recipe. I don’t wash my glasses with soap in the shower, but I do place them on the edge of the tub “to get cleaned.” Thanks for the advice.

  73. Great idea! I have glasses for reading and then prescription sunglasses and go through those wipes like crazy! Thanks!

  74. Such a wonderful idea! Thanks for the recipe!

  75. My daughter’s getting her first pair of glasses so I should bookmark this and make this for her to use. Thank you!

  76. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂 Is it safe for glasses with coatings? (scratch resistance, transitions, etc).

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