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 I  participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


Getting our five kids to bed at night is a huge challenge for my husband and I. Every Night seems like a battle. We have no one to blame but ourselves because we are not consistent in sticking with a routine. I envy my friends who have their children in bed by 8:30 without drama.   Our biggest struggle are our three and four year olds. If they take a nap during the day we are doomed for a late night. If they do take a nap they do not want to go to bed, they just want to keep on going which amazes me, don’t they get tired? I do!  So I try to forgo naps so that I can get them in bed at a reasonable hour. 



Even though we homeschool we are still on a schedule. I like to start our homeschooling around 9:30-10:00 AM each morning so I need my kids to have a good nights sleep so that they are refreshed in the morning. Now with the time change the night time battle is worse! Who would have thought an hour would make a difference? It has! I cannot say i do not blame my kids, who wants to go to bed when it’s light outside?   Sometimes you just need children to sleep. If children do not get adequate sleep they can get grumpy and run down.  


 So what’s left to do? Although our children get full night’s sleep when they finally go to sleep we just have to stick with a routine each night. Making sure we set a time for them to go to bed each night and not stray from that routine.   Dr. Zak Zarbock, who is the creator of Zarbee’s Naturals has created an all-natural, safe, and effective treatment he uses  for his own children when they were ill;  Children’s Sleep which helps children get a good nights sleep. 


Zarbee’s Children’s Sleep is a safe and effective remedy for occasional sleeplessness. Children’s Sleep contains 1mg of clinically proven melatonin to promote restful sleep in children 3 years +.  I like that the ingredients in Zarbee’s Children’s Sleep are natural and  non-habit forming which will not  leave my little ones feeling groggy the next day. 


zarbees naturals

Zarbees Naturals has 9 steps to a wonderful nights sleep:


1) Be consistent.

2) Create a sleep friendly room.

3) Stick to a routine.

4) Go electronic free in the evening

5) Teach children how to sleep.

6) Making sure children know that going to sleep is not a game.

7) Know the numbers (how many hours sleep is needed).

8) Stay Active.

9) No caffeine or bedtime snacks.  


zarbee's Naturals



So how am I nipping our bedtime battle in the bud?  By sticking to a normal routine. Putting our little ones to bed at 8:00-8:30 and our two older boys to bed at 9:00-9:30. Then being consistent with that schedule.  I am a firm believer in rewarding children for obedience.  Zarbee’s Naturals has a way you can reward children  by printing off their reward chart and dream journal.  


Zarbees Naturals Childrens Sleep



Hurry and place an order and get $1.50 off your purchase of Zarbee’s Naturals sleep products by using the code zarbeessleep at checkout. Read my review on the other great products Zarbee’s Naturals offers. All orders over $10 ship for free! Stay up to date with Zarbee’s Naturals by following them on Facebook and/or Twitter.  

What is your bedtime routine like? 


I  participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
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  1. I’ve definitely found this to be soothing and helpful. Kids need all the rest they can get so they’ll feel better faster.

  2. We have a three year old and have to stick to a routine. If we do not he will be up past midnight. (I learned this the hard way). We do have a light snack as part of bedtime routine while we are reading. I would love to try these. There are just some night he doesn’t want to go to sleep.

  3. Wow this is such an informative post – thank you! I have almost the exact problem with my 4-year old…when he has a nap it can turn into a nightmare! I really love the steps for a good sleep and the timeline – I’m going to make more of a routine now. And try some of this Zarbee’s of course!

  4. I Just Read This Post To My Hubby We Have The Same Problem I’ll Be Buying This By The Case!! LOL! I Love That It All Natural, Can’t Wait To Try!! 🙂

  5. Bedtime is a battle in our house, too. My nine year old is good, but my six year old is a nightmare about going to bed. I can not wait for that phase to pass.

  6. Oh wow, what a great product. I have tried their cough syrup and love it. Glad to see they are expanding their line! This will be a hit with parents, I am sure!!!

  7. A routine is the only way we survived bed time when the kids were small. Staying consistent is key even when they want to fight it. Luckily the bed time struggles don’t last too many years 🙂

  8. We actually are lucky in our house but it really does have to do with having a firm scheduled. It is not very often we let them stay up late.

  9. We are currently adjusting our 13 month old twins bedtime. Our problem is the TV – with two older kids, they can stay up later, so getting the house to “quiet down” has been a challenge without making the older two feel like they are being punished. PS: Zarbee’s makes great products and I love that they are natural!

  10. I’ve been hearing about Zarbees quite a bit lately, and I have a little one just the right age for it. I like your tips for resting. Resting is majorly important for anyone, but especially for the littles.

  11. I have not heard of this. Great info!

  12. These look interesting, I will have to look into them, thanks!

  13. we do like zarbees. I haven’t tried the sleep product yet but totally would. my son hates to sleep.

  14. I love Zarbees products. I feel good about using them with my boys.

  15. I was introduced to this just last year and am now a dedicated fan! Natural is best when it comes to kids, so happy this is natural and works so well!

  16. I will definitley look for this stuff. My 2 year old was going thru having his two year molars coming in and he wasn’t sleeping and I told my husband I thought it was so unfair they didnt’ make a children’s sleeping aid and I’m so glad I found your post! Of course I had looked in my local stores and found nothing, but now with the internet, I am definitely ordering a bottle!

  17. We just wear them out before bed and that seems to knock them out. Good to have a backup plan though!

  18. Routines are so important. I love that this is a natural alternative.

  19. You know these are great tips for adults LOL. I definitely need to cut out caffeine past 3 or I’m up all night.

  20. I’ve always kept a bottle of Melatonin on hand for when my kids have trouble sleeping.. My pediatrician years ago when the twins were 2, told me about it.

  21. I have had friends that their kids would not go to sleep or stay asleep.. We happen to be one of those parents that got lucky and our kids go to sleep when told, or at their time.

  22. Routines are key to my happiness as a mother of 5 and helps kids as they get older.

  23. Hmm, I’ll have to look into this! Our 4 year old still fights us at bedtime every single night!

  24. I hear you, I only have one and she never wants to sleep, the bed time is terrible.
    I’ve never used this for her but I used to take melatonin occasionally and it worked wonders on me.

  25. Angela S says:

    Bedtime was often a battle when my son was little. I wish I had known of Zarbees back then.

  26. I love that this is natural and not full of harmful chemicals! A good night’s sleep is so important for everyone, especially kids because they need to be well-rested for school!

  27. We don’t have any kids but I know that having a routine is vital with little kids!

  28. Our store just got some Zarbees in stock, but only the cough medicine. I am really hoping they add in the sleep one soon. My daughter has struggles doing to sleep at night. I think this would help her a lot. We limit Electronics a few hours before bed time. Monitor food and water right before bed. Doing soothing things right before bed. It still doesn’t’ help.

  29. I’ve never seen this product before. Can I use it for myself ha! Love that it is all natural!

  30. I love Zarbee’s products and I need to try this for my little one!

  31. Great tips. I am all for a schedule and keep my kids on a pretty good one… but sometimes when we have big events coming up they get too excited to sleep… that is why I love the idea of Zarabees since I already use their cough medicine. Thanks so much

  32. My son had really tough time getting to sleep. It usually still takes him at least an hour to settle down and fall asleep. The rutine is so important for us. It’s the only thing that helps him to relax and be able to sleep.

  33. Zarbee’s is the only medicine I use with my littles!

  34. It’s so hard hen our littles ones are sick. Love that this is all natural!!!

  35. So many of my friends have started using melatonin! Even some of the moms I know and they swear by it!! Wow, thanks for enlightening me!

  36. Getting the boys to bed at a reasonable hour is a challenge. One has to be out of the house by around 8:30 for his school and my teens are just waking up when we leave. So glad they homeschool or I’d have no hair from the ordeal of waking them early.

  37. We received a sample of this awhile back. My son has a hard time sleeping and I plan on having him try this. : )

  38. We do family prayer before a story and then power down 🙂

  39. Never heard of this but would love to try it for myself!

  40. I really am careful what I give to my kids. I love that Zarbees is gentle and natural.

  41. My kids are great about a 7:30 bedtime. My 3 year old is an absolutely horrrrrrrible napper though. All my others took fabulous naps but he refuses. He needs them, though.

  42. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love Zarbees products because they are natural and family friendly for my loves.

  43. I love the tips. If my kids were still young I would definitely use Zarbees. Maybe they would have actually gotten some sleep!!

  44. My 5 year old has sleep problems and we love using this remedy with her!

  45. Wow! I could definitely use this for my daughter who is turning 3 in April. I checked the website and they sell them at my local CVS and Walgreens!

  46. Great tips. I am lucky that my 21 month old sleeps well and through the night after our bedtime routine,

  47. I look forward to trying these! I love Zarbee’s products!!

  48. I can only imagine what a mission is must be to get all of those little blessings to bed! Much power to you both! This sounds like a really great product, my hubby could actually use some of these tips too! He has trouble sleeping!

  49. I have four kids and recently used the Zarbee’s Children’s Sleep to help them transition during the time change. It really made going to bed SO much easier for my kids who are in school and especially for my preschoolers who usually fight bedtime the hardest.

  50. I think this would work well for my little girl! I’ll try it.

  51. It is important to create good bedtime routines for children.

  52. We have really good bedtime routines normally but traveling and time changes really throw us off. We have used Zarbees since my first was little.

  53. It is the same everyday, some days are harder than others since my little one likes to be up late.

  54. I love how not only is this a drug-free supplement that helps kids sleep, but the company is so interactive with their sleep tips and charts! Those are all some great tips that every parent should know because you’re completely right, sleep is essential!

  55. My boys are finally back on track!! Great tips!

  56. These are some wonderful tips for helping children to get a sound nights sleep! Thank you for posting 🙂

  57. I didn’t know they had a sleep aid product, but I use their natural kids cough syrup for my son when he has a cough. I’m also a fan of melatonin. I used it nightly for a month to get used to this time zone after almost a year in Afghanistan. It worked!

  58. Oh man, I wish I would have known about this years ago when Var was a TERRIBLE sleeper! Everyone thankfully sleeps fine here now. But it’s good to know there are products available like this if needed.

  59. I’ve never heard of this before but it looks interesting! I know my mom could have definitely used it with my sister when we were growing up!

  60. I really like that these products are all natural. I have bought some of the other products in the past for my kids.

  61. I don’t know if I would give my son a product like this, but it’s very interesting and it sounds great!

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