DIY Foam Hand Soap For Only Pennies!


I prefer foam hand soaps verses regular hand soap. I typically head over to the speciality store and purchase some but paying $10.00 for 3 bottles, why?? I had no idea that I could make my own until I stumbled over a tutorial on how to make it myself! It’s so easy and it’s only a few cents to make ! 


foam soap DIY


Here’s how you make it:

Take an existing soap foam hand pump (mine was one that I had from Bath and Body Works) add 1 inch of liquid soap to the bottle and then SLOWLY add water then put the top back on. DO NOT shake (trust me it gets sudsy and you will only have a watery soapy mess)  that is where I went wrong when I tried making it myself before finding the tutorial. Simply put the filled bottle upside down for a few minutes and then shake gently side to side and there you have your DIY foam soap! You could even add bath gels or Dr. Bronners too!



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  1. I NEED to bookmark this! We go through soap like crazy!

  2. I have done this in the past and it works really good! Great way to save money!!

  3. Sounds so easy! I’ll definitely have to give this a try. We really like the foam soap too.

  4. What a great way to save on soap!

  5. I also prefer using foam hand soap over regular hand soap. I never thought about making it myself though! What a great way to save on soap as it will last longer and $$$ as well. I will be putting your tutorial to use from now on πŸ™‚

  6. What a great idea, I am definitely giving this a try. These soaps are so expensive to buy, this is a perfect alternative. You have the convenience of a foam soap at a fraction of the cost.

  7. Chasity Boatman says:

    How helpful! Thanks for the extra tip about not swishing it around. That’s exactly what I would have done.

  8. I never thought to do this. What a great idea!

  9. I use this exact recipe to make foaming dish soap too! LOL! Well, I use a liquid dish soap added to water instead of a hand soap. It helps my kids not use too much hand soap in the bathroom, and so they don’t use too much dish soap when washing pots. That doesn’t happen often…

  10. Totally saving this I love foam soap!

  11. A perfect money saver! Thanks for sharing. I am going to give it a try with shower gel, too.

  12. I love these kinds of soaps. It is great that I can now make them at home for pennies.

  13. That is such a great idea! it definitely would help our soap last a lot longer than using it without foaming. Plus I like the foam soap the most anyway.

  14. Such a cost effective tip and I will start using this today. I’ve got a pump and some Bronners

  15. I never knew how simple it was to make my own foaming soap. I would have thought it required more ingredients not less considering how much companies charge for it.

  16. This is something I can do, it seems simple enough!

  17. What an awesome idea! We actually just ran out of hand soap, so this is perfect timing!

  18. we love making our own hand soap. haven’t bought any in years!

  19. I am a fan of foam soaps/, i do not like the bar soaps, or the liquid soaps.. I did make the mistake of shaking them once, and it was a bad move..

  20. I love the foam soaps, too. This is a great way to save money. I never understood why foam soaps cost more than liquid soap anyway.

  21. So that’s all it takes? I need to get a foam soap dispenser and just use my favorite soap in it I guess. πŸ˜€ Thanks for letting us know how to make this work.

  22. This is awesome! What a money saver and a great idea!

  23. What a neat idea. I had no idea you could make this yourself.

  24. what an AWESOME idea..thanks for sharing; I just stocked up on those bottles during a sale and was wondering how to keep them filled up without breaking the bank…. πŸ™‚

  25. I didn’t know you could make your own foam soap. This is a great way to save money.

  26. Oh wow! I never knew how easy it and inexpensive it would be to make my own foam hand soap. I’m going to try it. Thanks for sharing. I normally buy generic baby wash for a hand soap for $.99 at Aldi. That will make LOT of foam hand soap very cheaply.

  27. WOW!! That is SUPER easy and cheap. Now I just need that pump and some sweet smelling soap πŸ™‚ Great idea.

  28. How cool is that!?! I was sure this was going to be a long tutorial! I can totally do this. Thanks for sharing.

  29. This is pretty cool but, how is it on your hands? What a great idea though, bookmarking!

  30. This is so great to know. One thing my hubby is crazy about is foamy soap. lol He always complains if I put something non-foamy by the sink!

  31. Wow, this is so good to know. I don’t want to admit how much I spend at specialty stores.

  32. That’s so cool! I never would’ve thought of doing that. I’m going to try this as soon as my current pump is empty.

  33. This is good to know. My daughter loves foamy hand soap.

  34. I had no idea about this. This is definitely a great idea!

  35. That is a great way to save money! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  36. How awesome. Thanks for sharing the how to.

  37. Wow! I never thought of that, it’s a brilliant idea to save money and also have your favorite type of soap, foam.

  38. This is such a cool trick! Thanks for sharing!

  39. How cool. Now I have to make my own.

  40. This is awesome, thank you!! My kids love the foam but it’s so expensive!!

  41. I pinned this because if you can make your own, why not at least try? It all just goes down the drain, anyway!

  42. This is such a great idea! I will definitely be trying this!

  43. great to know all this stuff, yes we can really make our own and there are tons of easy way on how to make it. You have already shared one of it. πŸ™‚

  44. Now I wish I would o kept all of those bottles I tossed out lol! this is easy enough for the kids to make too.

  45. Thanks for the tip. This would save me so much money. I love foaming soap, but it tends to be expensive. Definitely going to make up a batch.

  46. Kristy Franks says:

    This Is A Great Review Thank You For The Wonderful Tips

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