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I admit it I am sentimental and this time of the year love is in the air not just because Valentine’s Day is around the corner but in a few week’s it’s my wedding anniversary.  In our family we enjoy giving each other cards. I know β€˜It’s Okay To Cry’, I like to embrace my emotions and sentiment from my loved ones. With being sentimental I keep all the cards my husband and children give me which  I will cherish always. Sure store-bought cards are great but what could be even better than to have a personalized greeting card? The Cardstore offers greeting cards that you can customize for that special someone from adding names, photos, and messages and  have them conveniently delivered to your home or theirs making your greeting card unique and one of a kind! 


This Valentine’s Day will be my baby’s first Valentine’s so I made her a custom card. Sure at 9 months she cannot read it but I hold onto it for her.


 First Valentine’s Baby Fox (Outside of card)

cardstore joy1


The inside of the card which I personalized with her name and added a sweet photo of her.  

cardstore joy 2


I was able to choose from a variety of fonts as well as colors in her card. I stuck with the red theme because the pre-made message was in red and it matched the dress in her photo inside the card. 


Next I made a card of my true Valentine – my husband! 

When i purchase greeting cards for my husband i mix it up sometimes giving him mushy or funny cards, this time I made him a card that had a little bit of both.   

Converse Lace Love (Outside of card)

cardstore fritz 1


On the inside I was able to add a photo of the two of use together which is very rare because most photo’s of us include at least one of our 5 children.  Then I matched the color font with the rest of the card in red. 

cardstore fritz 2



Did you know that men are sentimental too? My husband is like myself, he saves greeting cards  our children have given him as well as myself.  Men may act all rough and tough but men cry, I have seen it only a hand few of times with my husband but those moments are very special because it shows his soft side! 

cardstore it's ok to cry


Cardstore offers so many wonder collections from Valentine’s, Birthdays, Anniversary and many more selections to choose from. Cards range from .99 cents and up which is a fantastic deal because you can save the hassle of going to the store picking out a run or the mill greeting card and then going to the post office to mail it! i was able to pick a card, customize the card and mail it all from the from the comfort of my home allowing Cardstore to do it all for me!  


Why leave your house this Valentine’s to pick up a greeting card for your special someone – customize one at Cardstore


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I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for I received complimentary cards and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


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