Wonderful e-Books For Kids & Moms

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I love getting books for kids and myself, technology is wonderful because I can purchase books on-line. No more dragging the kids to the book store or late fines from late returns to the library. 


Here is a round up of wonderful e-Books that are super educational for your children and you that are worth looking into!



For Kids


For Moms


Interested in any of these selections you may want to hurry because Amazon can raise the price at anytime! Happy Reading!



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  1. Oh I love ebooks. Especially for kids. I am always looking for some new ones to add to my Kindle or iPad. Thanks for the info.

  2. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love the look, feel, and experience of reading a paper back book. This year I am going to venture out and try some ebooks!

  3. LOVE reading to my little one. However, the older he gets the less he is interested. That saddens me. I need to figure out how to get that back!! YOur book list is very awesome!!

  4. Looks like a great group of e-books for everyone to enjoy!

  5. Thanks I like to keep ebooks on the tablets for the kids. It helps to keep them entertained when we are out and it still gives the benefits of having books.

  6. Looks like a great little list you put together, We are always looking for inspiration for educational activities to do with my boys

  7. Thank you for the e-book recommendations, I might look into that speed cleaning for busy moms book and the kids might enjoy reading about tornadoes.

  8. Thanks for the roundup!

  9. My daughter loves ebooks. She does them on her Nabi tablet. We still do regular books too but, it is fun to change it up once in while.

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    So great to have ebooks on hand for both kids and adults. Interesting suggestions, too.

  11. I love books too! I have loads of them in every media. My kids have their own technology so I download all kinds of books and they just open them up on our shared e-reader files and read them! Thanks for all the great books

  12. I’m a book hoarder and I know my husband appreciates ebooks instead of hard copies, we’re running out of room! Thanks for this list

  13. We love e-books in our house too! It’s just so much easier to get great books right at home.

  14. Those are some great recommendations. I am always looking for new reading materials.

  15. I need to invest in the Busy Mom Guide so i can lean a few things. Thanks for a great post

  16. we love the national geographic books of all kinds- regular or ebooks

  17. I usually read paper back books because I use them as my relaxation but I want to branch out and read more ebooks this year.

  18. It’s funny because I never thought of e-books for kids before and I don’t know why!!!

  19. I need the speed cleaning and organizing ones. Off to look!

  20. This is wonderful! My granddaughter isn’t ready for ebooks yet (or any books, for that matter) but I can hardly wait!

  21. Looks like all great books. I think I read some of these.

  22. The Busy Mom’s Guide to Speed Cleaning? Why didn’t I ask for that for Christmas?!

  23. I read at a HUGE rate, so I love to see these great ebooks for kids! Perfect!


  24. Off to go check those out!

  25. Wow, there are so many ebooks available out there! I think I would be like a kid in a candy store trying to figure out which ones to get first!

  26. Great suggestions. It is really time for us to upload some new picks onto the Kindle.

  27. There are about 4 on your list that I could really use. Thanks for sharing a great ebook list, saves time! 🙂

  28. I might just have to break out my Kindle now and get to reading. Thanks for the list!

  29. I just got a Kindle for Christmas, so I am new to all of this. I still prefer a real book in my hands but I will check these out!

  30. The Busy Mom’s Guide to Speed Cleaning looks like it would be perfect for me. Good collection and choices!

  31. The great thing about e-books is that they never get destroyed or lost. In addition, I like that you can carry 1,000 e-books and it is smaller than a magazine.

  32. I always find great books on amazon for really great prices. I don’t do ebooks for my toddler though but I sure do it for me. Thanks for sharing your list.

  33. This is a great list. We definitely like providing our kids with educational tools on their iPads versus only fun games.

  34. Those do look like they would be informative!

  35. The little book about you seems cute. I could defintely use the Busy Moms Guide to Speed Cleaning… although what I really need is a “How to Not Clean at All.”

  36. Fantastic list of ebooks. Thanks

  37. wonderful list! thanks for sharing!

  38. I am really beginning to love ebooks. Thank you for this recommendations!

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