Planter’s Peanuts — A Gift from Nature #PowerofthePeanut

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Seems like lately my kids are all having a growth spurt at the same time – all five of them! Which means they eat and eat and eat! They could eat a full meal and then a few hours later they are telling me they are hungry again! Really?! Trying to stay away from sugary snacks and junk foods I opt for a healthier option.  I prefer to give them Planters Peanuts  because they are packed with protein and vitamins! Plus peanuts are two perfect halves, in it for the long haul giving my family the energy we need for the day!

Go Mr. Peanut! Did you hear what Mr. Peanut said,  โ€œHarnessing the power of the peanut is about accepting the gifts that nature gives us.โ€  The facts is that Planter’s Peanuts gift to us are of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients! That is the kind gift I want my family to have!  A quick little recipe my kids like with Planter’s Peanuts is my homemade natural trail mix.



1 Cup of Planter’s Peanuts

1/3 Cup of Craisins or raisins

1/3 Cup of Low Sugar Granola

1/3 Cup of Mini Chocolate Chips

Planters Peanut Trail Mix


Just simply add all the ingredients together in a bowl and give a toss with your fingers. I like to pack our Trail Mix in travel bags for on the go in my diaper bag for when my kids are hungry and need that power of the peanut!


So thankful for the peanut, who would have thought something so delicious would be so good for you?  How are you harnessing the power of the peanut? 

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. This is a sponsored post and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.


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  1. Tiffany Dover says:

    This trail mix treat sounds great! Sounds healthy enough for an afternoon or after dinner snack too! I plan on trying this!

  2. I love trailmix and experimenting with adding new ingredients. Peanuts are a great way to get some fat to curb hunger and protein of course. You might also try adding in some pumpkin seeds since its fall ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love peanuts and the video shared some great info ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh my goodness, having kids and growth spurts can be hard on the budget when they want to eat and eat. I love this recipe it is a perfect snack for afterschool, mid morning, or to go in their lunch. The peanuts give them the protein they need and energy. While the granola gives it some texture with extra crunch. I love the added cranberries and chocolate chips for the added sweetness. I love this snack for kids, but I love it for adults too. So easy to make and hardly any clean up. The best part is the kids can help make it too. I would love you to come and visit my blog since you are a mom, and you homeschool. I have some fun recipes, and activities on there. I will also have some upcoming reviews and giveaways too. Thanks

  5. My kids adore peanut butter but won’t eat the nut itself. so weird. more for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. i try to leave chocolate out of trail mix (messy, melty, and they have enough sugar in other places!!) and add in pepitas or sunflower seeds with the peanuts and raisins.

    • Brett, sometimes it’s nice to have sweet and salty together. I only use 1/3 of a cup of chocolate chips split up between 4 kids, no biggie.

  7. Really cute video! We love peanuts in our house and that recipe looks delicious too!

  8. We go through a ton of peanuts in my house! I tried growing them in my garden last year and got about 12 peanuts. Seriously…I am so thankful Planters comes in gigantic jars!

  9. I love creating homemade trail mix for my kids with peanuts. Instead of chocolate, we just double up on the raisins. If I know we’ll be using the trail mix on top of plain yogurt, then I’ll add the chips to give it more of a sweet taste. Great post!

  10. My girls would love that tasty treat!!

  11. We adore planters peanuts! We use them in granola all the time. It is so good!

  12. We are big on peanuts! In fact, every two weeks, we make our own trail mix with peanuts, cashews, craisins and raisins. So good!

  13. Thanks for sharing this great video with us. I love the Planters brand.

  14. I like this recipe. Yogurt chips would be good also!

  15. Mmmm! What a yummy treat.

  16. I love trail mix, too! I’m going to put this together and I’m sure I, too, will harness the power of the peanut!

  17. Our kids love trailmix– it’s such an easy and healthy snack

  18. I really like peanuts! Will try your natural trail mix recipe!

  19. Mmmm peanuts! yummy! They’re a staple in my house this time of year!

  20. “You like skin? I bet you do.” Haha! Love it!

  21. At our house we are all over harnessing the power of the peanut. They are the best snacks.

  22. I love trail mix the saltiness of the peanuts with the sweetness of the chocolate and tartness of raisins or cranberries! YUM-O!

  23. Loved the video! Pinned the snack recipe. Great snack packed with goodness.

  24. We love making our own trail mix with Planters!

  25. This video had some great info!! As for peanuts….I love them!! The recipes look good too!!

  26. Thanks for the video..Love seeing Mr. Peanut and as always had lots of info for me.. trail mix is my favorite… ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I love the combo of salty and sweet and that itty bitty taste of chocolate w/the chips would make it just perfect, I think!

  28. Peanuts and chocolate who can ask for a better mix lol. I will try to make this trail mix for our sleep pink pajama party I am planning with my girls..

  29. Love the peanut guy, he’s hilarious!

  30. I love peanuts and trail mix, thanks for the easy recipe : )

  31. This looks like a delicious treat. We love peanuts in our house.

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