Finally it has stopped raining here in the Sunshine State (Florida). We have been enjoying the outdoors. Every year I buy my kids a new slip and slide but they quickly get destroyed. So this year we made a “homemade slip and slide”.
A tarp with rivet holes at each corner
12″ Utility Stakes
For a real slippery slide (dish soap)
My husband purchased the tarp and stakes at Harbor Freight for only less than $8.00.
Lay the tarp down in grass, make sure there are no rocks in the grass then use a hammer and pound in the stakes in the rivet holes. For a more slippery slide drizzle some dish soap on the tarp. We did the water on the tarp 2 different ways, the 1st time we did it my husband laid the hose on the side of the tarp and the water flowed all over the tarp and now I use a sprinkler that I place on the side of the tarp that sprays across it.
This tarp has definitely held up a lot better than the typical slip and slide. It is made with a much thicker material that can take a real beating! My kids love this concept and my boys love sliding at together one on each side!
Other than our homemade slip and slide my kids have been enjoying the pool and water park play dates!

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  1. oh my! We have a Harbor Frieght nearby and the kids would love this so much. We do water play regularly, and would love a slip and slide.

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