It’s been all over my Facebook lately, pictures of my friends kids making the hottest toy craze — The Rainbow Loom Bracelets. With 5 kids you can imagine all the toys and “stuff” we have. I had to ask myself: Do I need to purchase a kit for us to make these bracelets? Do I need one more thing to clutter my home and when the fad ends I am stuck the kit? Do I need to spend the money to buy the Loom Kit? I decided to search the Internet to see if there was a way to make these bracelets by hand without the looming tool. The answer is yes you can!
I headed off to Walmart and down the hair care aisle I found these colored rubber band type ponytail holders that can be used instead of the rubber bands that come with Learning Expresses Looming Kit. I only spend $2.37 for a 1,000!
I used the following YouTube Video for instructions —- super easy!
I admit the rubber bands are smaller and took some patience but the bracelets turned out just like the real thing and it only cost me a few dollars verses $34.00!
Once we were done here is what the bracelet looked like!
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