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Here is a fun activity that was sensory and art!

Materials used:
Shaving cream
Food Coloring
Card Stock
Baking Pans

For each of my kids I placed shaving cream in each of their own pans and then let them choose what color food coloring they wanted to add to it.

Then I let them go to down mixing up the food coloring and the saving cream, they loved the coolness of the shaving cream, they enjoyed watching their white shaving cream transform into a different color, the squishing and the texture and not to mention the mess! By the way this is very messy and I suggest either play clothes or an apron.

Once they were done with mixing up their shaving cream and playing it was time to make the art paper. I cut up card stock in 4’s. Each child got 4 pieces of card stock, they placed their paper (one at a time) in the shaving cream and swirled it around (they can also use toothpicks to swirl around the paper in the shaving cream) and then I laid them on the counter to dry. It left a tie dye effect on the paper, making each paper their own pieces of artwork, all looking completely different!

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