I am thankful for our little home, it’s where we have brought all 4 of our children home from the hospital and soon bringing our 5th. We purchased our home before we had children and at the time thinking that we would probably just have 2 children. Blessings have been poured out on us because we will actually have 5 verses the 2! With that comes lots of stuff!
So we find ourselves every so often organizing the space we do have.
Here are some ways in which we organize homeschool materials, toys, etc.
We have utilized all the wall space we can and in needing more room we had to go upward so one of the ways we did was our wall of cube shelves. 81 cube shelves total that line our wall. It contains children’s books, toys, some of my books as well as homeschool items.
I have it done by category, believe it or not I know just about where everything is!
We say we have a 2 story garage because our 1 car garage is bursting out at the seams so my husband installed hanging shelves which are suspended  from the ceiling using plywood as the shelves and bolts and chain to hold in place. We have had this system for a few years and really helps!
With 6 of us in our home soon to be 7 you can imagine the shoes! So instead of all the shoes by the front door I have them organized by person. Each person has a bin with their name on it. When they come inside they put their shoes in their bin. No more shoe clutter or tripping over shoes!
I also utilize our downstairs bathroom door on the inside AND outside. On the outside I have a cloth shoe holder to store smaller toys while the instead of the bathroom I have another shoe holder that has cloth diapers and pull-ups for my little ones.
And in our kitchen my husband made a pull out pantry. You can read the full post HERE. This has been a lifesaver – I store all quite a bit of our can goods on this shelve. I wish I had room on the other side of my refrigerator for another one!

If you have any organization posts on your blog please leave them in the comments, I would love to read them! I will be posting more on how our famiiy organizes in our small space, come back and check it out!

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