This year we didn’t take any of our ornaments out of our attic, my kids and I are making our own.

Here are a few of my favorites so far:
My kids made these at Community Bible Study this week
This Christmas tree is made from green painted Popsicle sticks (different sizes) and the printed different names of Jesus. Then they added sequence and a pipe cleaner shaped into a star.


The angel was also made at Community Bible Study. The angel face is my 3 year old daughter. They used a Popsicle stick as the body, glued her picture to the top, added foam wings, a scrap of felt to cover the Popsicle stick body and a pipe cleaner as the halo.
In my younger kids class they made paper bag nativities. They cut out the opening at the bottom , the kids colored Mary, Joseph and Jesus and then they glued them in so that they looked 3 dimension. At the top of the bag they added a star foam sticker.

This is a paper plate cut in 3rds – 2 1/2 pieces as the wings and the last piece of the plate as the bottom portion of the angel. Then a circle for the head and a pipe cleaner for the halo. My daughter colorfully colored hers with markers and added feathers.

Lastly this ornament is party of our Truth in the Tinsel Advent – it’s a crown for Jesus. It’s made out of a toilet paper tube which I cut and then cut out the zig zag top , the kids painted it and then added glitter. 



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