I wanted to share with you some fun activities I have been doing with my 2 little ones as we lead up to Christmas:
I printed off a Happy Birthday Jesus Advent for my daughter and cut it out and had her choose what color construction paper she wanted her Jesus cake to go on, she colored it some and then glued the Advent cake to the construction paper. I hole punched holes and tired yarn through it and hung it up and each day she takes a colored circle and places on that particular day.
Then for my 3 year old and 1 year old I printed several Christmas magnet pages off and put them in clear page protectors and gave them glass vase filler beads and had them complete the pages by filling in the glass beads.
During black Friday I grabbed this Christmas colored bag of pom poms. I laid them out along with tongs, a small measuring spoon, a clothes pin and a ice cube tray.
 My 1 year old transferred the pom poms over into the ice cube tray while using the tongs.
While my 3 year old transferred the pom poms into the ice cube tray using the tongs but matched them in both sides of the tray lastly my 5 year old transferred the pom poms into the ice cube tray using the clothes pin.



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