My kids and I with some our friends made some Thanksgiving crafts last week. Here is what we made:
Coffee Filter Turkeys
 Materials needed for craft:
coffee filter
washable markers
glue, scissors
I used the turkey head and feet from the template on Making Learning Fun.
 I printed off the template and had my kids color the turkey head and legs with crayons and then gave them the coffee filter which they colored with WASHABLE MARKERS (washable markers will be the only markers that will work) and then outside I gave them a spray bottle. They sprayed the coffee filter and then kept it outside so that it could dry. Once dried we glued it all together. Looks almost like a tie dye turkey! Even my 1 year old made one!
Handprint Mayflower
Materials needed for craft:
construction paper or cardstock
scissors, glue
white paper
On blue construction paper the kids made a brown handprint (with fingers spaced apart), then they painted the sea underneath the handprint and clouds in the sky. Once all dried they cut out slanted squares for the Mayflower sails and glued them on the 3 middle fingers.
Mosaic Thankful Cross
 Materials needed for craft
Different colored cardstock
pencils, markers
scissors, glue
ribbon or yarn
hole puncher
I printed off a cross coloring page and then cut it out, traced it on cardstock and then cut out square and rectangle shapes as the mosaic pieces. The kids wrote and drew on each mosaic what they were thankful for and then glued them to the cross. Then we hung them on our glass sliding door.
Handprint Turkey With Feathers
 Materials needed for craft
black construction paper, colored paper for beak
white paint
googly eye
glue, paint brush
Have child place a white handprint on the paper with their fingers spaced apart and then have them paint the turkey’s legs underneath the handprint. Once it dries glue the googly eye, feathers and peak.




  1. Oh coffee filter turkeys are always fun! Great ideas here. Thanks! There is something for everyone here.

  2. love handprint crafts, so cute and so much fun

  3. Those are so fun. I like that Mayflower. First time I’ve seen a Handprint Mayflower. Great idea! My 5 year old will love these. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love the coffee filter craft. I never would have guessed it was a coffee filter.

  5. These are cute Thanksgiving crafts, and they look very easy to do. I am going to try out a couple with my 3 year old!!

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