Black Friday Shopping
The last few years a few friends and I get up early the Friday after Thanksgiving and head out to the stores while our husbands spend the day with our children. It’s a girls day out and the hunt for great bargains I enjoy!
I have found myself disorganized. Yes, I scope out the sales ads prior to shopping but not real good at who has the best price, etc. So this year I came up with an idea. I have one for my coupons so why not come up with one for Black Friday shopping?
A Black Friday Binder!

Last year I got all mixed up which stores had the best price and my sale ads were scattered all over the place in my car or the shopping cart at the store. Now with the ads seperated I can keep track of the best prices. Remember most stores price match!
Items needed to make binder:
3 ring binder
several clear sheet protectors
notebook paper
sticky notes, pen
your sale ads, coupons, etc

My 7 year old even drew a picture of his mama shopping!
On the inside my 5 year old drew a picture of us all shopping together.

I can place sticky notes on the sale ads with notes on it for particular sales in that ad. 
 In the clear sheet protectors I will add the sale ads, each sale ad will have it’s own sheet protector.
 In the back I have a sheet protector for coupons and gift cards.
In the very back on the binder is a flap where I will add all my receipts as I shop.

This is how I will stay organized on a fun filled shopping day with friends. How do you stay organized when you Black Friday shop?

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