The last few years I used workboxes to store my son’s homeschool daily work but this year I decided to try something different. I got tired of the baby easily opening and closing our old workbox drawers plus it got so disorganized! We have now moved into our new work bins.

All 4 of my children has their own work bin. What I particularly like is that these bins hold hanging folders which I am able to store their weekly work and future work I have already copied and pulled. Instead of just laying their work in a drawer.
Every subject has a hanging folder, I also added a completed hanging folder, a quite time file folder with fun activities in it and a holiday folder. Each week my boys will be able to to whatever subject in their hanging folder and pull their work for the day. Four subjects and curriculum I will be using for both boys so the main books I have in my older son’s work bin and copies etc. for my 5 year old will go in my 5 year old’s bin. Everything is separate for each child.

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 I prepared the 1st 5 weeks of our school, the future up and coming weeks are in a folder with the subject on it in the back of their work bins so that for the following week I move that week’s work forward for them.
 The future work in their folders are paper clipped with a post it note for which lesson / week it’s for.
To get them excited about their new work bins my husband suggested they decorate them so I pulled out a bunch of stickers for them to decorate the front of the boxes.

For my littler 3 year old I will but letter of the week activities and arts/crafts in her bin as well as Montessori activities for her and my 19 month baby.

How do you store your daily homeschooling work? Leave me a comment and add your link so I can come visit and see! 


  1. I am moving from weekly binder method to file folder bins….I am nervous and excited about it at the same time. Thank you for your detailed description on how you set your bins up. I was a little unsure as to how to separate the “future” weeks.

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