Do you have look at containers after you finished whatever product you used inside of them and think what can I use this for? I do, I hate throwing nice containers away if I can use them for something. Especially for organization. With 4 children (one of them being a baby) I need to keep certain toys out of his little hands. I hate going out and spending money on containers when I have them underneath my nose! Recycle + Reuse what you have!
Just clean your containers out thoroughly!
After I caught him with a crayon in his mouth the other day, this is my new crayon storage solution:
What was once a pretzel container is now a crayon container.

My boys are big fans of Lego’s now they like Hero Factory and Bionicles. Especially after just getting back from Legoland last week! All these small pieces, lots of them! I found a bunch bumped at the bottom of their toy box. So I fished them all out and made them a container for all these pieces to stay in when they are not playing with them.
What was once a bulk pretzel container is now a a Hero Factory / Bionicles container!

To make the labels I went to Yahoo clip art and copied them into word and adding the name of what is in the container. Then used clear packing tape to adhere it to the container.
What do you store your used containers in? Recycle and Reuse!

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