As a family of 6 we are busting out of our home due to lack of space. We are having to come up with clever organizations to remedy the lack of space.
I had stumbled on Pinterest a Pin for a spice rack pull out that fits on the side of the fridge. I showed my husband and next thing I knew he was at the hardware store purchasing the items to build me one but for can goods!
This is my pantry before
plus we use the top of our fridge for storage

What a mess right?
Here is the solution
This slider my husband made slides between our fridge and pantry closet. It has castor’s on the bottom making it easy to pull out. Now my pantry is not so cluttered, I moved the can goods into my slider and was able to remove the clutter from the top of the fridge into the pantry!
I am able to store can goods, salad dressings, etc. on the shelf, he made the shelves inside the pull out adjustable so that I can change it to different height variations when needed.
So what do you think?


  1. this is GENIUS!! I am totally having hubs and my dad build one of these!

  2. Judy Bradley says:

    I love it too! I will have to see if one would work at my house! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Natalie says:

    This looks amazing!! What a great use of space! Do you mind sharing the dementions and what type of sliders you used? I’m not super handy but really want to try this!

  4. i’m with Natalie, do you any kind of set of instructions as to how to begin making this? Anything would be very helpful, thank you!!!

  5. Wesley Morton says:

    Can you send me pictures of how he built the roll out rollers. I am remodeling my house before I get married in June and I want to surprise her with this.

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